OSRAM or Phillips Which is Better?

OSRAM or Phillips Which is Better?

by Mike C on May 11, 2017 Categories: News



Philips, Osram, or maybe another brand of aftermarket headlights?

There are two leading brands in automotive lighting industry, Philips and Osram (Sylvania for US & Canada). As known, most vehicles come with either Philips or Osram. They became the most popular brands in the light industry because of their reputation and reliability. We, HID Concept, have not found a single (yes, not even one) defective issue with their products for 17 years in business.  However, our customers are still asking for alternative option, such as aftermarket brands.  Why?  Because, in 21st century, it is more than just to light up the street but to add a distinctive style to your ride.

‘I am looking for something that is whiter and brighter compare to my original Xenon bulbs’

Even though your vehicle only come with 4300K (Kelvin), which is yellowish white color, you can always upgrade to either Philips White Vision 5000K (initially rated at 6000K) or Osram Cool Blue Intense 6000K (initially rated at 5000K – 5500K).  Although they offer a better lighting output in both color and brightness, drivers are not so convinced due to their higher cost.

Still looking for a replacement which offers better/whiter color and more light compare to your OEM parts for less?    We, HID Concept, recommend DAMA automotive lighting.



We live in a world where we are overwhelmed by newer/better products every day, especially in automotive lighting industry. Back in mid 90’s, when HID Xenon light was first introduced, we were paying over $2500 for HID light system. After 20 years, we can get a new aftermarket H1 Blesk Xenon conversion kit for less than $100 from eBay.

However, unfortunately (well, fortunate for us), many eBay customers are coming back to us for a very simple reason. They need something better/reliable than stock Philips or Osram 4300K but not as expensive.

After several months of IN-HOUSE testing, we start recommending our customers to try out DAMA Kanji Ultimate 5500K series HID Xenon bulbs as a replacement.

Never heard of it?

Here are top 4 reasons why DAMA is worth trying

  • Color temperature up to 5500K (1000K higher than stock OE 4300K)
  • Lumens up to 3600lm (30% more compare to OEM)
  • Reliability (yes, it lasts up to 5 to 7 years)
  • Lastly, there unbeatable price (only half of what you pay for Philips WHV or Osram CBI)

Furthermore, unlike any other aftermarket products, DAMA Kanji Ultimate Xenon bulb’s capsule is made with UV-Quartz glass, same technology which Philips use, and filled with high quality xenon gas by APL.



If you are not a big fan of neither Philips White Vision 5000K nor Osram Cool Blue Intense 6000K, you should try out DAMA Kanji Ultimate 5500K series.  Again, after in-house test, we have confirmed that DAMA Kanji Ultimate 5500K series will meet your expectation. Thanks to our ‘Audizine members (NPuter)’, we received so many good feedbacks along with their awesome photos (shown below).

1. DAMA Kanji Ultimate 5500K (Right) is definitely whiter compare to OE 4300K (Left).

2. More light with Dama Kanji Ultimate 5500K (Top) than Philips White Vision 5000K (Bottom).

Until now, we, HID Concept, were focused more on OE Parts, such as Philips, Osram, or etc., because we simply wanted to offer only the best on the market.  However, we could not fulfill all of our customers need.  Therefore, after months of search, we have found an aftermarket brand DAMA automotive lighting which offers nearly the same quality but for only half the cost of Philips White Vision 5000K or Osram Cool Blue Intense 6000K.  Because we can guarantee the quality of DAMA automotive lighting, we offer 2 years in-house warranty with 'no-questions asked' policy.