HID connector end types and information: KET, KET2, and AMP

HID connector end types and information: KET, KET2, and AMP

by Mike C on May 11, 2017 Categories: News

Wire harness consists of set of wires, terminals, and connectors that transmit signal or electric power to relay information thereby connecting with other components. 

There are thousands of different wire harnesses that are used on automobiles.
HID light system also requires use of wire harnesses as well. 
For OEM HID (D2S, D2R, D1S, D3S, D4S, D4R) light system and bulbs made by Philips, Osram, Denso, Koito, Hella, Valeo, etc..., this may not be an issue but aftermarket HID kits, do use more wire harnesses with HID connectors since most of HID kits have universal fitment. 

After finding many customers who ordered HID components (ballasts or bulbs) with incorrect/different type of HID connector end (connector end = terminal housing w/metal pins), we decided to prepare an information page to help customers identify different types of connectors and order the necessary components together if needed instead of ordering the items that will not plug into your existing wire connectors.

There are 3 wire connector ends that are commonly used on HID Xenon light system and components; KET, KET2, and AMP.

- KET was used on PHILIPS HID conversion kits when they first started distribution of aftermarket HID kits. Back then, HID light system was the coolest lighting technology that drew everyone’s attention. On top of that, it was well known & reputable company; PHILIPS. Therefore, many aftermarket HID manufacturers started using the same type of KET connectors

After a few years, Philips discontinued distribution of aftermarket HID kits in the U.S. but some aftermarket HID kit manufacturers still continued using the KET type connectors simply because it was already widely used as common connector end.

In today’s market, this traditional KET type connector is very rarely used and we find it more from counterfeited Philips HID kits (ones made by unknown company but with Philips labels on).

- AMP connector has been and is still widely used on most of Chinese HID kits and components.

- KET2 is the connector type, mostly used on HID components made in Korea and Japan.

This connector type is also what we have been using on our HID light components since 2001. KET2 connector has been used on HID kits and components manufactured in Korea. Since quality of HID light system made in China was not reliable at early stage of HID light system back in 2001, this is where our craftsmanship stood up to offer the best quality products to customers and we only carried products made in Germany and Korea but not Chinese. 

KET2 type connectors are still used on our components as of today.

If you have KET connector and wish use our component with KET2 connector end, it is possible and here is how.

1.Order our KET2 connector conversion set here.

2.Cut off your old KET connector ends and convert it to KET2.

If you have AMP connector and wish to use our component with KET2 connector end, you can simply order our AMP to KET conversion wire harness set.

It is 100% plug & play and you do not need to cut/splice any wires. 

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.