2017 Volkswagen Golf GTI Autobahn

The Volkswagen GTI is one of the renown hatchback vehicles and has gone through many modifications throughout the four decades of its lifespan. "GTI" acronym stands for "Grand Tourer Injection" derives from an Italian origination of, "Grand Turismo Iniezione." Even though GTI is essentially a VW Golf, GTI is a more performance-oriented trim than the standard Golf. In this article will start from the fourth generation GTIs.

Fourth Generation Volkswagen GTI (MK4; 1998 ~ 2004)
The fourth-generation Volkswagen GTI launched in Europe in 1998 with new sheet metal. This model was the first and only GTI model not to have a signature red stripe around the grille. Many fans of the GTI took this design and considered that this model lost its way. It was not the GTI that people remembered or wanted. Nevertheless, it attracted certain sectors of drivers, and GTI used halogen bulbs for the low, high, and fog lights during this generation.

Fifth Generation Volkswagen GTI (MK5; 2005 ~ 2008)
The fifth-generation Volkswagen GTI returned to how fans know and love it. It Had an improved 200hp 2.0liter turbo engine, new wheel design, new seat design, and the grille included the iconic red stripe. It was the first GTI offered with a DSG dual-clutch automatic transmission option. The fifth-generation GTI went on sale in Europe in November 2004. This generation used HID D2S or H7 bulbs for the low beam H7 for the high beam and 9006 for fog lights.

Sixth Generation Volkswagen GTI (MK6; 2009 ~ 2012)
The sixth-generation Volkswagen GTI was introduced in Europe in 2009 with a 210hp 2.0liter TSI turbo four. It was the first GTI with an electronic differential lock. The car was given a better chassis and overall, the car was more sophisticated and complex. This generation of GTI used D1S or H7 for the low beam, D1S, or H15 for the high beam and H8 for the fog lights.

Seventh Generation Volkswagen GTI (MK6; 2013 ~ 2019)
The seventh-generation GTI has a 2.0liter TSI turbo with 228hp. 40% of North American buyers chose to buy the 6-speed manual instead of the 7-speed DSG automatic for this vehicle. The car overall has a sleeker appearance to the previous gen. This car has high performance but also has a high level of safety due to the amount of safety equipment that comes as standard. One of these being the Automatic Post-Collision Braking System, which helps the effectiveness of the airbags. This generation of GTI features a full halogen model using H7 for the low H15 for the high and H8 for the fog lights. The seventh-generation GTI also has models with D3S or D1S for low and high beams and factory-built LED fog lights.