2020 Ford Mustang in red

Ford Mustang is an iconic American automobile produced by Ford. It started production in 1964, making it currently the longest-produced Ford car nameplate. The car is currently in its sixth generation, and it is the fifth best selling Ford car model. It is known as one of the top muscle cars as well as very powerful. Extremely popular in the racing scenes, Ford Mustang participates in drag, stock car, and circuit racing as well as being involved in the drifting scene. This feature will focus on the Mustang starting from its fourth generation, up to the current generation.

The fourth-generation Mustang debuted its first major redesign in 15 years. It had an updated rear wheel drive platform called “Fox-4”. The car looks very different from its previous generation and the generation that follows it. This generation For Mustang used the dual filament 9007 for the low beam and the high beam and 899 for the fog lights. These two halogen bulb sizes were popular back then but used less in the latter year.

In the fifth generation of the Ford Mustang, they once again had a major redesign. It was based on the new “D2C platform”. The fifth-generation Mustang’s design echoes the previous Mustang design of the late 1960s. The design was known as “retro-futurism”. In 2010 the model was redesigned again to include LED taillights, as well as reduced drag. This generation of the Mustang with the halogen headlights used the size 9008 (Again, dual filament) for the low beam and the high beam. For the fog lights, Ford Mustang used the size 9145 or H11 halogen bulbs. Except for a brief period (2009-2003) when Mustang had D3R HID xenon headlights, the HID xenon model Mustang used D3S. The ever-popular Philips  X-treme Vision D3S was the favorite among the Mustang drivers, but for those wanting the higher Kelvin HID xenon bulbs picked Osram Cool Blue Advance D3S. Incidentally, the product that we sell constantly is the OE-PART: Replacement for Osram D1S/D3S HID Ballast 35XT5. This HID ballast is used in Ford Mustang with D3S HID xenon headlight bulb. Even though it is our version of the HID ballast, it meets or exceeds the OEM HID ballast that the dealer sells. And the cost is far less than the dealers.

The sixth generation of the Ford Mustang was unveiled in 2013. The new Mustang included a wider body and a new independent rear suspension. The new Mustang also came in new colors. This generation Mustang introduced factory built LED fog light assembly, but continued to use the size D3S for the low beam and the high beam.

In November 2019, Ford announced the Ford Mustang Mach-E. It is completely different from the other Mustang models as it is an electric model and is also in an SUV body type, instead of the typical sports car model. This vehicle uses LED lights for low, high, and fog lights. This may be yet another sign that vehicles are going more toward the electric power in the future.