BMW 5 Series

BMW E60 5 Series driving on the country road


The BMW 5 Series is an executive car designed and manufactured by BMW since 1972. It was the successor to the New Class Sedans by BMW and keeps the 4-door sedan layout while also including 5 door wagon and 5 door fastback layouts in their later models. The 5 Series is BMW’s second best-selling model after the BMW 3 Series. The BMW 5 Series is currently on its seventh generation and in this featured vehicle we will be focusing mainly from the fourth generation of the BMW 5 Series, up to the most recent generation.

FOURTH GENERATION (E39; 1995 ~ 2003)
The fourth generation of the BMW 5 Series saw multiple changes, as they introduced the new wagon body style (marketed as the “Touring” 5 Series) as well as introduced many aluminum components to reduce weight. As for lights, during this generation, the 5 Series with HID xenon headlights used D2S, and the halogen headlight models used H7 bulbs for the low beam, 9005 (HB3), or H7 for the high beam and the H7 and H8 for the fog lights.

FIFTH GENERATION (E60, E61; 2003 ~ 2010)
The fifth generation of the BMW 5 Series saw a lot of new electronic features in the model. These included iDrive, a heads-up display, active cruise control, and more. The lighting also saw technological improvement as they included adaptive headlights, night vision as well as high-intensity emergency brake lights. The HID xenon headlight models used D2S and the halogen headlight models used H7 for the low beam, H7 for the high beam, and H8 or 9006 (HB4) for the fog lights.

SIXTH GENERATION (F10, F11, F07, F18; 2010 ~ 2016)
In the sixth generation of the BMW 5 Series, BMW introduced two new body styles: the fastback (branded as “Gran Turismo”) and the 4-door long-wheelbase sedan (which was sold only in China and the Middle East). This BMW also saw more electronic features added such as active steering and parking assistant. The sixth-generation BMW 5 Series with HID xenon headlights used D1S for low beam, H7 for the high beam, and H8 for the fog lights. However, later models of the sixth-generation 5 Series also included LED options for all the lights.

SEVENTH GENERATION (G30, G31, G38; 2016 ~ Present)
The seventh generation BMW 5 Series saw the removal of the fastback 5 Series GT model as it was moved to the BMW 6 Series model range. Once again, the BMW 5 Series saw many improvements in its electronic components that were featured in the model, such as advanced driver assistance systems. Every BMW 5 Series model in this generation use LED lights as the standard for low beam, high beam, and fog lights. There is also an option for Adaptive LED headlamps, however, xenon and halogen headlamps are not an option on the new generation BMW 5 Series.