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OE-PART OEM Replacement HID Ballast (D1S/D3S) for OSRAM / 35XT5

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Products Description

OE-PART: Replacement for OSRAM D1S/D3S HID BALLAST (#35XT5) 35W

OE-PART, the best alternative to the OEM HID ballasts

OE-PART HID ballast controller for  Osram (# 35XT5) ballasts. It is a perfect replacement ballast for the original equipment on many Ford, GM, and Chrysler (MOPAR) cars and SUVs that come with factory HID headlights.

OE-PART HID ballast controller for  Osram (# 35XT5) ballasts is manufactured to meet the specifications of the OEM ballasts. This is not OEM. However, the fitment and functions are as same as the OEM with the benefit of a lower price.

Unfortunate circumstances where you need to replace the headlight ballast, and eventually you will need to, this replacement ballast meet or exceed OE specifications and is a direct replacement for the factory parts. On top of its excellent quality, you will save so much more money than going to the dealers where they can charge you as high as $ 500 or more!

At HID Concept, we always recommend replacing the bulbs in pairs. With that in mind, you may consider replacing the ballast in pairs as well. When one ballast goes bad, it is more likely that the other ballast will soon not function properly.

Please double-check the HID ballast used on your actual automobile to ensure proper compatibility. We can not be responsible for any misinformation which results in you purchasing the incorrect parts. If you have any questions, you can contact us via email and we will answer all your questions within 24 hours.


OSRAM PART # 35XT5, 10R-034663

GM / CHEVROLET Part #: 89025794
FORD Part #: 8A5Z13C170A, DL3Z-13C170-A, BL7Z-13C170-A

2013-2005 CHEVROLET Corvette
2014-2011 DODGE Charger
2010-2008 DODGE Charger
2014-2011 FORD Edge
2019-2013 FORD Escape
2015-2011 FORD Explorer
2014-2013 FORD F-150
2019-2009 FORD Flex
2020-2010 FORD Mustang
2019-2010 FORD Taurus
2015-2013 FORD Police Interceptor Utility
2019-2013 FORD Police Interceptor Sedan
2018-2014 FORD Special Service Police Sedan
2019           FORD Police Responder Hybrid
2019           FORD SSV Plug-In Hybrid
2019-2015 LINCOLN MKC
2016-2009 LINCOLN MKS
2019-2010 LINCOLN MKT
2015-2011 LINCOLN MKX
2017-2013 LINCOLN Navigator
2010-2014 Lincoln Mark LT (Mexico)

Technical Specs
Input Voltage 13.5V DC
Output Voltage 85V AC
Output Power 35W
Rated Lifespan approx 2000 hours
Application D1S, D1R, D3S, D3R

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Customer Reviews

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Questions & Answers

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  • Looking for 2 ballasts for a 2013 Lincoln Navigator L. Not sure if this will fit because not all of the numbers are the same? Please advise what would work. Thanks

    OE-PART HID ballasts are not the original Lincoln OEM part but are a copied version that is cheaper, but the schematic is exactly the same as the OEM.
    Our version will work for your 2013 Lincoln Navigator L.
    For any other questions, please write to

  • It fits in a Lincoln navigator 2008?


  • Will fit Cadillac Escalade ext 2004

    Yes, it is compatible to 2004 Cadillac Escalade EXT. OE-PART: Replacement for Osram D1S/D3S HID Ballast (#35XT5) is designed to meet or exceed the OEM Osram ballast at a fraction of price.

  • Will this work with a 2014 f150 oem hid lights?

    Yes, just make sure to leave us a note mentnioning your vehicle with an order you place.

  • Does This fit a 2011 Hyundai Equus?

    No. 2011 Hyundai Equus uses Hella HID ballast. The compatible HID ballast we have is in the below listing.

  • Does this replace osram 10R-034663, mine is @42vac,what’s the difference between original @35 w @ 42 vac and replacement at 35w @ 85 vac.

    Osram has several different HID ballasts. I think what you're looking for, at least with the same spec would be the ballast we have in the below link.

    FYI, our OE-PART HID ballasts are copied version and NOT an OEM but has the exact same spec and performance as the genuine parts.

  • Will this fit a 2015 ford focus st

    Close, but no. What you need is this ballast (Link below)

    OE-PART: Replacement HID Ballast for OSRAM D1S/D3S (#A71177E00DG) 35W

    The input and output connections on both ballasts are exactly the same, but 2015 Ford Focus has the ballast with three screw mounts (35XT5 is 4 screw mount)

  • Is this ballast for a 2011 Chrysler 300?

    This ballast should work for your 2011 Chrysler 300 with factory HID headlamps. 

  • Does the ballest can Make the headlights dim.

    If the question is whether the performance of the ballast affects the performance of the HID xenon bulb, the simple answer is, "Yes."
    All HID xenon ballasts have a lifespan that varies anywhere from 1,000 hours to 2,000 continuous hours. As the ballast ages, problems may present that include, but not limited to, dimming, flickering, and/or Kelvin rating (Color temperature) fluctuation.

  • Will this fit a 2013 dodge charger?

    Yes. This HID xenon ballast is for the 2013 Dodge Charger.
    When you place an order, it is always a good idea to put down the YEAR, MAKE & MODEL of your vehicle so that our staff can double-check the fitment for you.
    For any other questions, please email to

  • Will this fit a 2011 ford sho

    This ballast will work for your 2011 Ford Taurus SHO. When ordering the ballast, please write the Year, Make & Model of your vehicle on the note section so that our warehouse crew can pick out the correct ballast for you.

  • Will this fit in a 2011 Lincoln Navigator L. The ones in my car say 35W @ 42VAC. I can’t attach pictures here but if you reply to email I can send you pictures of the ones in the car. It is the same bolt pattern as this one.

    Yes. This ballast will work for your 2011 Lincoln Navigator. When ordering, please write the Year, Make and Model of your vehicle so that our warehouse people woul double-check and send the correct ballast.

  • Would this fit a ford egde 2013 part 601061?

    This is the correct ballast for the 2013 Ford Edge with HID headlight assembly.
    When ordering please write the Year, Make &  Model on the note section so that our warehouse can send you the correct ballast.
    For any other questions, please write to

  • Does this fit 2009 ford focus rs MK2?

    The 2009 Ford Focus came with the halogen headlight unit. (9908/H13) This is an HID xenon ballast controller.
    For further assistance, please write to

  • Will this work in a 2011 explorer with factory hid lights

    Yes, it is compatible with 2011 Explorder factory HID lighting.

  • Does this work with Osram Xenarc 66340 bulb D3S 35W 095DOT . For 2010 Lincoln MKT

    Yes. However, Lincoln MKT is a particular vehicle so when you order this ballast it is crucial to make a note of the Year, Make, and Model of your vehicle one more time for us. For any other questions, please write to

  • Will this fit a 2015 Dodge Challenger sxt plus

    This is a very good question. Dodge used 35XT5 type ballast (OEM was made by Osram) for Challenger and other Dodge vehicles. However, in 2015 and beyond Dodge changed the ballast to a different type. So, this will not fit 2015 Dodge Challenger
    For any other questions, please write to

  • Is this a replacement for Ford Edge 2011, #8A5Z13C170A ? Will cause strobbing or flashing ?

    Yes. OE-PART is our version of Osram's 8A5Z13C170A, and our version is made for the 2011 Ford Edge.
    Be sure to leave a Year, Make & Model in the customer's comment so that we can send out the proper HID ballast.

  • Will it fit 2016 dodge charger r/t road and track?

    OE-PART is our copied version HID Xenon ballast controller, and it will fit the 2016 Dodge Charger R/T equipped with factory HID headlights. Having said that, please provide the Year, Make & Model of your vehicle so that we can double-check at the warehouse.
    For any other questions, please write to

  • Does it fit on a 2013 Ford Edge limited

    OE-PART 35XT5 HID ballast is the copied version that is made for the 2013 Ford Edge. 
    For any other questions, please write to

  • Does it fit on a 2013 Ford Edge limited

    Yes. OE-PART - OEM REPLACEMENT BALLAST FOR OSRAM 35XT5 (D1S/D3S) is an economical alternative HID ballast for 2013 Ford Edge Limited. The quality is equal to the OEM parts. For any other questions, please write to

  • I have a headlight out on a 2013 f150, is this the problem or can the actual headlight blow?

    That would depend on your Ford F-150 headlight trim. If you have the halogen headlights, the size used is 9008. 9008 is a dual filament bulb (9008 acts as both high and low beam) so you would definitely notice that the filament has burnt out.
    If you have the HID Xenon headlights, D3S is the correct size. In this case, it could be the bulb or the ballast. A simple test is (if you have just one side out) to do a "Swap test." Take the working bulb out and install it on the bad side and vice versa. If the good bulb is not working, it is most likely the ballast issue. 
    For any other questions, please write to

  • Need a Ballast for 2013 Lincoln Navigator.

    OE-PART - OEM REPLACEMENT BALLAST FOR OSRAM 35XT5 (D1S/D3S) is our alternative version of the genuine OEM Lincoln HID ballast for the 2013 Lincoln Navigator. The performance is equal or exceeds the OEM ballast with a far better price.
    For any other questions, please write to