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Philips H7 X-tremeUltinon LED Bulbs 5800K 11972XUWX2 | Pack of 2


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Products Description

H7: Philips X-treme Ultinon LED Gen2 Bulbs 11972XUWX2 (Pack of 2)

Up to 5800K Pure White Light

Application Note: LED bulbs from all brands are not compliant with DOT / FMVSS108 and are not street legal in the USA. Currently, LED bulbs are only legal in the USA for Fog Light use. LED bulbs are legal for off-road use in ATV, snowmobile, and off-road racing use. International law and regulations vary by country.

Double-check to see if your vehicle requires LED adapters to install the LED bulbs.

Get up to 250% brighter light for the ultimate visibility with Philips H7 X-treme Ultinon LED Gen. 2 11972XUX2 bulbs for cars, SUVs, and trucks with H7 halogen headlight bulbs. Up to 5800 Kelvin color temperature that produces a pure white light on each of Philips H7 X-treme Ultinon LED Gen. 2 11972XUX2 bulbs the second generation of LED headlight that exceeds the industry's standard. With a simple Plug-N-Play installation, Philips H7 X-treme Ultinon LED Gen. 2 11972XUX2 bulbs, average H7 halogen bulbs will dramatically improve and turn the demanding night driving with ease.  Philips H7 X-treme Ultinon LED Gen. 2 11972XUX2 bulbs are the only aftermarket retrofit LED bulbs that are using Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) LED chips: Lumileds LUXEON Altilon SMD. There is nothing in the market that can compare to these bad boys. Imported directly from Europe, HID Concept provides the best of the best in the market for LED headlights. 

Disclaimer: Designed for rally and race tracks only. Not for use on public roads.

Technical Specs

Lamp Size H7
High & Low Beam
Base PX26d
Voltage/Wattage 13.2 V / LB: 22W / HB: 22W
Color Temperature (Kelvin) 5800 K (5500 K ~ 6250 K)
Brightness (Lumens) LB: 700 lm / HB 1200 lm
N-103-201-02, N-103-201-01, 63-21-7-160-781, 63-21-0-395-445, 63-21-6-926-911, 93BZ-13466-A, 93190461, L0000000H7, 18649-55009-S, 18647-55007-L, 30-77-21-55-00L, XR812421, 18647 55007L, XZQ000011, 90981-13063, 0000-11-0H7, 9070-32-550, 9970-32-550, 400809-000007-64, 002-544-00-94, 400809-000001, 400809-000007, 999-631-133-91, 999-631-133-90, 93169007, 12795068, 4685202, 90981-13063, 84920aj02a, 84920AE000, 84920AG020, 989829

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Customer Reviews

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Questions & Answers

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  • will this fit and work on mercedes e300td 99?

    If your E300TD has H7 halogen bulbs, these can be used but you might need bulb holder (adapters) and error caneller module.

  • How many watts?

    Wattage: 25W
    Kelving rating: 5800K (5500K ~ 6250K)
    Lumens: 1500lm

  • Does these lights fit an opel grandland X yr 2019

    Unfortunately, we do not have Opel in the US but as long as it uses H7 type bulb, it should fit. You might need to use decoders though as LED uses less power compared to halogen light.

  • Do I need an LED code eliminator cable so car will not throw a Low been fault code? I don’t see cable as an option in check out. Of so these gen 2 bulbs come with that technology built in already?

    Depending on vehicle, decoder/resistors may be needed. 
    It does not have built-in resistors. 
    You can contact us at with your vehicle info and we can confirm compatibility for you.

  • Will this fit a bmw 328 i x drive 2016?

    As long as it's H7, it should fit but you might need to use decoder and also must have clearance, in order to place LED light, decoder, and etc... inside the dust cover