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Philips D3S WhiteVision Gen2 HID Xenon Bulbs 5000K 42403WHV2C1 | Pack of 2


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Products Description

D3S: Philips 5000K White Vision HID Bulbs 42403WHV2C1 (Pack of 2)

The Best HID Xenon bulb with pure white LED effect

Thanks to our Philips unbelievable coating technology, Philips D3S White Vision 42403WHV2C1 HID Xenon bulb offers the ultimate crisp, pure white Xenon HID light output for your cars and trucks.

What is Philips White Vision HID Xenon 42403WHV2C1 D3S 5000K bulb?
Philips D3S White Vision 42403WHV2C1 HID Xenon bulb, is ECE certified and is designed to deliver improved visibility. Philips D3S White Vision 42403WHV2C1 HID Xenon bulb has up to 5000K color temperature, you won’t miss any signs or markings on the road because your headlight will create even better reflections than your current stock bulb. And of course, it will add the cutting edge style with an LED look to your ride.

Philips D3S White Vision 42403WHV2C1 5000K can be used as a direct replacement if your vehicle came with Factory D3S HID lighting system.

Compatible Manufacturer Part Number

Audi: N10721806 N10721805 (Replaces N 10721801; N 10721805; N10-721-805; N10721801; N10721806)
Ford Lincoln: 7L7Z-13N021-A
Hyundai: 18647-35010
Jaguar: C2D5254
Land Rover: LR009163
Mopar Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep/Ram: L0000D3S (L000 0D3S-001)
GM Buick/Cadillac/Chevrolet/GMC: 13587843
Porsche: 999-631-070-90, 958-631-218-00
Volkswagen: N-107

Technical Specs

Technical Specs
Lamp Size D3S
Base Pk32d-5
Color temp. (K) 5000K
Product highlight Up to 120% brighter
Technology Xenon
Certification ECE
Voltage 42V
Wattage 35W
Manufacturer part number (MPN) 42403WHV2C1


Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Questions & Answers

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  • will these fit a 2013 ford f-150 limited

    YES. D3S is the correct size for 2013 Ford F150 equipped with HID Headlights.

  • Hello! Will these fit 2016 Land Rover Range Rover Sport?

    Yes. D3S is the correct size for 2016 Land Rover Range Rover Sport equipped with HID headlamps.

  • Compatible with a 2015 Range Rover Evoque Dynamic that currently has OSRAM D3S bulbs?

    Yes, as long as your Evoque came with factory equipped HID system, which you mentioned 'D3S'.

  • I'm looking to replace the Xenon headlights on my 2012 Audi S4. I assume D3S: Philips 5000K is essentially the OEM bulb. I see two versions on the site but can't distinguish what the difference is: D3S: Philips 5000K White Vision HID Bulb 42403WHV2C1 (Pack of 2) D3S: Philips 5000K White Vision PLUS HID Bulb 42403WHV2X2 (Pack of 2) Would the LED bulb below be considered a better option to the Philips bulbs above. It appears to it can be used as a direct replacement & I've heard LED is considered to be a better option these days. D3S 6000K DAMA Kanji Ultimate Vision LED Bulbs LED-DA-D3S-x2 (Pack of 2) Thank you for your time.

    Stock bulbs on your Audi is 4300K, not 5000K. 
    42403WHV2C1 comes with COA label for authenticity verification label in individual box and has 1 year warranty. 
    42403WHV2X2 comes with Security label for authenticity verification label in duo hard plastic case and has 3 year warranty. 
    D3S DAMA bulbs do give very focused beam pattern with sharp cutoff line but HID's still do give wider beam pattern generally and not as focused as LED's.

  • While these lights workfor a Chevy impala LTZ 2016?

    D3S is the correct size for the 2016 Chevy Impala equipped with HID xenon headlight assembly. That same year also had the halogen headlamps. For any other questions, please write to

  • Are these plug and play?

    Yes, they are direct replacement in other words, as long as your current bulb is D3S, you can simply plug and play to replace. 

  • Hello!! there are bulbs in 6000k gen2 from Philips? or only up to 5000k? What are the best bulbs for you? I seek to illuminate the best with the LED tone.

    White Vision Gen1 was rated at up to 6000K with no gain in brightness. 
    White Vision Gen2 is rated at up to 5000K color with up to 120% more brightness. 

  • What kind of warranty are on the D3S PHILIPS WHITEVISION GEN2 HID BULBS - 42403WHV2C1 ?

    We offer 1-year warranty from any manufacturer's defect. 

  • Hi I’m interested to get the Philips HID D3S bulb, as I’m from malaysia, my car is RHD (right hand drive), I was wonder does the D3S bulb selling directional ie any different for LHD & RHD?

    Bulb itself does not make any difference for LHD and RHD. It's your headlamp housing's lens that creates beam pattern for LHD and RHD. 

  • I'm debating between Philips X-tremeVision 42403XV2C1 and these Philips White Vision 42403WHV2C1. Which was is better? How do they compare against each other?

    We receive this question all the time. I will point out major key features of each bulbs. 
    Philips X-tremeVision:
    Color is rated at 4800K (slightly whiter than stock) and it provides up to 150% more brightness. You need to be careful of 'UP TO' because of performance varies depending on cleaness of headlamp lens, housing, age of ballast, etc... When we tested by using VW CC headlamp made by Valeo, we confirmed  light output gain of about 60-70% in reality. 
    Philips White Vision: 
    Color is rated at 5000K Pure White (Not yellowish, not blueish) and it also provides up to 120% more brightness. In reality, it gives about 50-60% more light output compared to standard. 
    Conclusion: If your #1 priority is getting most light output without caring about color, you might want to go for X-treme Vision. If you want both better color and most light output, White Vision would be a good pick for you. Although White Vision does not give as much light output as X-tremeVision, 'UP TO' 120% more light output is still a lot. 

  • Are these dual beam for hi/lo and will they be suitable exchange for my present bulbs d3s 35w 4300k

    What makes dual beam or single beam, is NOT the bulb but it's your headlamp housing assembly. 
    As long as you currently have D3S, these D3S bulbs would work perfectly on your vehicle.