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Philips D1S WhiteVision Gen2 HID Xenon Bulbs 5000K 85415WHV2C1 | Pack of 2


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Products Description

D1S: Philips 5000K White Vision HID Bulbs 85415WHV2C1 (Pack of 2)

The Best HID Xenon bulb with pure white LED effect

Your long journey ends right here. Thanks to our Philips unbelievable coating technology, Philips D1S White Vision 85415WHV2C1 HID Xenon bulb offers the ultimate crisp, pure white Xenon HID light bulb that comes as close as the look of LED for your car or truck.

What is Philips White Vision HID Xenon 85415WHV2C1 D1S 5000K bulb?
Philips D1S White Vision 85415WHV2C1 HID Xenon bulb, is ECE certified and is designed to deliver improved visibility. Philips D1S White Vision 85415WHV2C1 HID Xenon bulb has up to 5000K color temperature, you won’t miss any signs or markings on the road because your headlight will create even better reflections than your current stock bulb. And of course, it will add the cutting edge style with an LED look to your ride.


Compatible Manufacturer Part Number

Audi: N10566103 (Replaces N 10566101; N10566103; N10-566-103; N10566101)
BMW/Mini: 63-21-7-217-509 (Replaces 63-21-7-160-807, 63-21-7-162-862)
GM Buick: 19369521 (Replaces 19351942)
Cadillac: 25911883
Chevrolet: 13503430 (Replaces 13503387)
GMC: 25735604
Hyundai Kia: 18647-35006
Jaguar: C2N1716
Lincoln: 2U5Z-13N021-AA
Mitsubishi: 8395a044
Mercedes-Benz: 000000-004248
Mopar Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep: 4865941AC (Replaces 4865941AA, 4865941AB, 68055686AA, 68194142AA)
Porsche: N-105-661-01
Saab: 32016323
Volkswagen: N-105-661-03 (Replaces N-107-218-01, N-107-218-05)
Volvo: 3076395

    Technical Specs
    Lamp Size D1S
    Base PK32d-2
    Color temp. (K) 5000K
    Product highlight Up to +120% brighter
    Technology Xenon
    Certification ECE
    Voltage 85V
    Wattage 35W
    Manufacturer part number (MPN) 85415WHV2C1


    Customer Reviews

    Customer Reviews

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    Questions & Answers

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    • Are you guys going to restock the Dama 5500 for the D1S? Why are they some much cheaper than the other bulbs that you offer?

      DAMA D1S is currently sold out due to higher demand than expected. 
      More on its way. 
      Lower price is always a good thing. 

    • Can you show some side by side pictures of the 4800, 5000 Phillips, 5500 Dama,and 6000 Osram of the lens kelvin color. Also wall shots of the beam? I bought some 4300k and I'm not happy with the color temp but they are bright. Looking to purchase another set.

      Check out this video.

    • Hi, D1S - Philips HID White Vision 5000K 85415WHV2C1 Bulbs (Pack of 2) Q. This bulbs vision be fit 2012 Cadillac escalate VIN # 1GYS4EEJ1CR294837?

      D1S is the correct size for 2012 Cadillac Escalade.

    • Hi, Im looking for HID headlight for 2010 Mercedes E350 sport package. Is D1S-Philips 5000k fit?

      Yes. D1S is the correct size for 2010 Mercedes-Benz E350 equipped with HID headlight.

    • I have a 2014 ML350 4MATIC with the base halogen lamps (no XENON or HID). Will the D1S Philips 500k White Vision lights work with this car?

      HID is a type of bulb that discharges "Xenon" gas. Technically, it is called the HID xenon bulb. 
      In order to use any HID xenon bulbs, your vehicle must have an HID xenon headlight assembly. 
      D1S, along with other D series HID xenon bulbs, is a size designation.

    • I bought the phillips 4800 from you and it has a hint of yellow. I want a bulb that's clean white. Should I get Dama 5500 or phillips 5000k white vision?

      Philips XV 4800K is still whiter compared to stock but you were not happy with its color. 
      Then, you should go with something more significantly better color such as 5500K or 6000K. 

    • Which one is cleanest white. Between Dama 5500 or phillips 5000k white vision. I need the cleanest white with Least amount of blue or yellow. And which one has the farthest beem to see down road. I need the bulb that projects the farthest down the road but is the cleanest white. The phillips extreme vision 4800k is what I bought before. I like it and it's shoots a far been but is just a little too yellow. It's almost the color. Can you help.

      Because everyone has different color standards, instead of calling it yellow, white, blue, etc... we use Kelvin rating to determine color. 
      DAMA Gen1 bulbs are rated at 5500K with up to 30% more brightness compared to stock (shoots our further distance). 
      Philips White Vision Gen2 gives 5000K White Color with up to 120% more brightness compared to stock, which is about 50-60% more brightness in reality). 
      Philips X-tremeVision Gen2 gives 4800K color that is slightly whiter color than stock HID lights with up to 150% more brightness. XV bulbs are not for coloring but more of performance bulbs. 

    • What are the lumens (Light Output) of these bulbs?

      These bulbs provide up to 120% more brightness than standard.