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Osram D1S OEM Original HID Xenon Bulb 4300K 66140

Brand: OSRAM

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Condition: New

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Products Description
D1S - OSRAM XENARC 66140 STANDARD OEM HID BULB 4300K 35W (Pack of 1)

Are you looking for Authentic OEM quality D1S HID (High-Intensity Discharge) Xenon bulb as a replacement?

Most luxury vehicles with factory HID headlights come with Osram OEM D1S 66140. When it comes to the D1S HID Xenon headlight bulb, no competitors can match the quality of the Osram D1S 66140 HID Xenon bulb. Osram Xenarc D1S 66140 HID Xenon bulb is made in Germany and offers a great combination of brightness (Approx. 3200lm), color temperature (Up to 4300K), and longevity (Approx. 2,500 hours). Osram D1S 66140 HID Xenon bulb offers the original quality light performance of a new car. The quality of the Osram D1S 66140 HID Xenon bulb is endorsed by all major car manufacturers and used in their cars or trucks.

The amazing part is that compared to the dealership list price of over $ 160.00, Osram D1S 66140 HID Xenon bulb is truly the price that cannot be beaten by anyone.

XENARC ORIGINAL lamps impress with a wide product range and reliable OEM quality. Successfully used in millions of new automobiles from renowned manufacturers, whether as standard initial equipment or original spare parts. With up to 4,500 Kelvin color temperatures, their light is closer to natural daylight than conventional halogen light with 3,200 Kelvin – and is thus more pleasant for the eyes. Thanks to the impressive intensity of the light, the lamps provide better visibility on the road. The durable lamps function as original spare parts of your vehicle and come with a long lifetime.

100% Authentic OSRAM product made in Germany
Retails for over $175+ at major dealerships 

Compatible Manufacturer Part Number

Audi: N10566103 (Replaces N 10566101; N10566103; N10-566-103; N10566101)
BMW/Mini: 63-21-7-217-509 (Replaces 63-21-7-160-807, 63-21-7-162-862)
GM Buick: 19369521 (Replaces 19351942)
Cadillac: 25911883
Chevrolet: 13503430 (Replaces 13503387)
GMC: 25735604
Hyundai Kia: 18647-35006
Jaguar: C2N1716
Lincoln: 2U5Z-13N021-AA
Mitsubishi: 8395a044
Mercedes-Benz: 000000-004248
Mopar Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep: 4865941AC (Replaces 4865941AA, 4865941AB, 68055686AA, 68194142AA)
Porsche: N-105-661-01
Saab: 32016323
Volkswagen: N-105-661-03 (Replaces N-107-218-01, N-107-218-05)
Volvo: 30763954

Technical Specs
Lamp Size D1S
Base PK32d-2
Color temp. (K) Up to 4300K
Luminous flux appx. 3200lm
Technology Xenon (HID)
Certification ECE, DOT
Voltage (Output) 85V
Wattage 35W
Manufacturer part number (MPN) 66140 (compatible with any D1S including
66144, 66141, 66142, 66143, 66146)


Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Questions & Answers

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  • What make model and year vehicle do these headlamps go to?

    It fits on many vehicles. 
    It would be easy if you tell us what year, model of vehicle you have and we can confirm compatibility for you. 

  • i have a 2009 lincoln mkz with a low beam out.befor i order a new bulb,i have been told it could be the ballast or there any truth to that? thank you

    It could be your bulb or ballast that's bad. 
    Before ordering any part, I suggest you troubleshoot to avoid possibly ordering something you might not need. 
    Simply switch bulbs around from one side to the other (by assuming that one side light still works) and see if the problem remains on the same side or switches to the other side. 

    If the same side still doesnt' work, it's the ballast. If problem moves over as you switch bulbs around, it's a bulb you need. 
    Also, we strongly recommend replacing two bulbs at the same time in order to get even lighting output and color. 

  • Does it fit 2008 cadillac srx

    If your Cadillac SRX is equipped with HID headlamps, D1S is the size for your vehicle.

  • Will this fit a 2014 Cadillac SRX?

    It shows that D2S is the correct bulb type if your SRX came with HID light system from factory. 
    Since fitment info can be misleading, we strongly recommend removing your actual bulb to confirm which bulb you need. 

  • would it fit my 2010 camaro rs?

    Yes, it fits on 2010 Camaro as long as it came with HID light system from factory. 
    We strongly suggest replacing bulbs in pair in ordre to get even light output and color

  • Does this fir a Chrysler 300

    What year is your Chrysler 300?

  • will it fit a 2008 Buick incline front wheel drive

    Do you mean 2008 Buick Enclave perchance?
    If so, you are right. D1S is the correct low/dual beam size for 2008 Buick Enclave.

  • Will this bulb fit 2010 BMW X5? And does this bulb have hi/low beam capability?

    Yes, this is the right bulb for your 2010 X5 as long as your BMW came with HID light system from factory. 
    Keep in mind that we strongly suggest replacing bulbs in pair, in order to get even light output and color since all HID lights do discolor to get bluer/whiter and dims down (performance weakens) over usage. 

  • Will this fit a 2007 Cadillac escalade

    D1S is the correct size for 2007 Cadilac Escalade equipped with HID Headlamps.

  • will it fit a 2006 corvette?

    Yes. D1S is the correct size for 2006 Corvette equipped with HID Headlights.

  • Did this fix a 2009 Cadillac escalade

    Yes. D1S is the correct size for 2009 Cadillac Escalade equipped with HID headlamps.

  • We have intermittent left headlight failure on 2013 Chrysler Town & Country Limited. Dealer wants to replace entire assembly. Very expensive! How to tell which parts we actually need to replace?

    For some odd reason, that is the choice that most dealers recommend to the customers. Assuming that your 2013 Chrysler Town  & Country has HID headlight assembly, one simple test would be to switch the "good" bulb side with the "bad" bulb side. If the "bad" bulb lights up okay on the good side and stay on without the intermittent problem, and the "good" bulb acts up intermittently on the other side, there is a good chance that all you really need to do is replace the HID ballast controller. If the "bad" bulb does the same thing on the good side, that probably means that the bulb is bad.

  • Will this fit my 2013 SS Camaro?

    D1S is the correct size for the 2013 Chevy Camaro equipped with HID headlights. 2013 Camaro also had halogen incandescent headlight assembly as well (Size 9008), so check to see which one you have first.

  • Does it fit Buick Enclave 2009?

    Yes, this fits as long as your Enclave came with HID light system. 
    Note that we strongly recommend replacing both lights at the same time, in order to get even lighting output and coloring.

  • I have a right low beam malfunction error on my BMW, does it make sure that its the bulb that is out and Does it fit 2014 BMW 328i ?

    First, do a simple trouble-shooting to check if it's the bulb issue or something else by switching bulbs around L to R, and R to L. 
    If non-working side works with different bulb, it's the bulb issue. 
    If non-working side still does not work with different bulb, you might have a defective ballast. 
    If the bulb is the problem, this D1S bulb is right one. 

    It's strongly suggested to replace bulbs in pair, in order to get even light output and color. 

  • I have mercedes 08 e350 with xenon lights. Is this the same bulb on my car currently?

    That is a bit tricky to answer. D1S is the correct size for the 2008 Mercedes-Benz E350, and Osram D1S 66144 is the OEM bulb. However, Philips D1S is also an OEM bulb.

    D1S: Philips 4300K Standard HID OEM Bulb 85415C1 with Security Label (Pack of 1)

    It's tricky to answer because depends on the region, time of manufacturing, and other reasons the car manufactures would use either Osram or Philips. To make it more complicated, the carmakers would use their own packaging and MPN (Manufacturers Part Number) For example, the Mercedes-Benz part number for D1S HID Xenon bulb is  000000-004248 for either Isram 66144 or Philips 85415.
    In short, any D1S size HID Xenon bulb will fit your 2008 Mercedes-Benz E350.
    For any other questions, please write to

  • Are the Osram D1S standard headlights guaranteed authentic? Thanks

    These are bulk packages where the 7-digit trust code is not placed on the package.
    For authenticity check, D1S - OSRAM XENARC 66140 OEM HID BULB w/ TRUST CODE 4300K 35W is the D1S Osram with the 7-Digit Trust Code seal. The trade-off is that the bulk package is cheaper than the 7-Digit Code Osram. 
    For any other questions, please write to

  • Will these bulbs fit my 2016 Chevy equinox

    2016 Chevy Equinox equipped with HID Xenon headlights uses the HID bulb size, D5S. Please note that there is a halogen headlight trim for 2016 Chevy Equinox that uses H11 halogen bulb size as well.
    For any other questions, please write to

  • Does osram still make the 66145

    Hello! OSRAM discontinued the 66145 in favor of the 66144 and the 66140. We presently offer the 66144. All 3 bulbs are identical in lighting specs and features.

  • Are these active gas discharge lamps?

    Yes, these are High Intensity Gas Discharge lamps.

  • How many kelvin have the light bulb?

    This bulb gives OEM olor temperature at around 4300K.

  • Hello What bulb replaced the oscam 66141

    Yes! This is a direct replacement for the 66141.

  • Is there a difference between these and the 66140? Can I fit either one in my car?

    Technically, both 66144 and 66140 do have the same spec of 4300K, 200lm meaning that same color and brightness with OEM spec. However, we strongly recommend replacing both bulbs at the same time in order to get even lighting output and color as all HID bulbs do discolor to get bluer/whiter as more usage applies and get dimmer at the same time. 

  • D1s fits a 2008 town and country 4.0 limited

    If your 2008 Chrysler Town & Country came with HID light system from factory, then yes this D1S bulb would work. 

  • Hello, I'm looking to replace my old bulb which is OSRAM 66147. Will 66144 work? What's the difference? Thanks

    Yes, this is commonly asked question. 
    Both 66144 and 66147 have the same OEM spec of 4300K color with 3200lm. 
    Osram has been using different model numbers for the same OE bulbs. 
    One thing you might want to keep in mind, is that all HID lights do discolor to become bluer/whiter over usage. 
    Thus, we strongly recommend replacing both bulbs at the same time, in order to get even light output and color. 

  • Hello. What bulb replaced OSRAM 66147?

    Both 66144 and 66147 have the same OEM spec. 

  • Need a D1S sylvania high intensity discharge lighting referred to as HID for a 07 cadillac DTS

    This is the right bulb for your 2007 Cadillac DTS. 
    Keep in mind that we strongly recommend to replace both bulbs at the same time in order to get even ligtht output and color since all HID lights do discolor to get bluer/whiter over uage and becomes dimmer at the same time. 

  • Does this bulb give off a blue light?

    Because people have different color standards, we use Kelvin rating to determine color. 
    This bulb is OEM spec 4300K bulb that is known as 'warm white' color.