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CANbus PHILIPS LED Warning Canceller Decoder 18957X2(21W) 12956X2(5W)


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Products Description

CANbus Philips LED Warning Canceller 12956X2(5W) 18957X2(21W) (Pack of 2)

Some vehicles are equipped with a CANBUS system, which may trigger an error message on the dashboard when the LED light is installed since it draws less power than the standard incandescent light bulb. Using this set of Philips 18957X2(21W) and 12956X2(5W) CANBUS systems can help to avoid getting an error message, hyper flashes, and/or error warning messages. Simply tab two wires by using wire tabs (included) and you are good to go.

5W: Philips 5W CANbus is used for interior applications, and license plate lighting. 
21W: Philips 21W CANbus is used for exterior applications such as position light, low/high beam lights.

Always refers to the original wattage of the halogen conventional lamp. As an example, a P21W usually draws 21W, when Philips LED-RED [≈P21W] has a wattage of 1.9W. The gap is then 21W1.9W = 19.1W. This means that to compensate for this gap of wattage, you should use a Philips 21W CANbus

CAUTION: Extremely hot, keep at least 1 inch away from plastic or anything susceptible to heat damage. 

Why do you need it?
Philips LED CANBUS Enabling Adapter (CEA) is designed to prevent the warning signals from your dashboard.

Before CEA was introduced, some ‘CANBUS system’ equipped vehicles (such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, &, etc.) trigger a ‘check light’ warning sign on the dashboard after a new LED was installed. LED bulbs consume much lower power compared to the original Halogen light bulbs so your CANBUS system handles it as a burned-out bulb (or no bulb installed). By installing the Philips CEA in the circuit, which takes only minutes, you don’t have to deal with ‘Error message’ no more.

Compatible Part Guide (May not be limited to the below parts)

194 168 T10 Wedge W2.1x9.5d

  • 147 152 158 158LL 159  160 161B 161 161LL 168A 168 168LL 168ST  168NA 168NALL 175 184 192 193 194 194B  194LL 194ST 194NA 194NALL 259 280 285  447 464 501 555 558 585 655 656 657 658  1250 1251 1252 2450 2652 2821 2821LL  2825 2825LL 2825ST 2825L 2827 2827LL  2886X 2921 3652 3652LL 12256 12961 PC175  PC579 W3W W5WB W5W WY5W

921 T15 T16 Wedge W2.1x9.5d

  • 579 579LL 901 902 904  904NA 904LL 906 906NA 906LL 908 909 912  912LL 914 915 916 916NA 916LL 917 917LL  918 920 920LL 921 921K 921LL 921ST 922  923 926 927 928 939 W16W

1156 S25 SC Bayonet BA15s

  • 93 93LL 97A 97 97LL 97NA 199 631 631LL 1073  1073LL 1093 1095 1129 1141 1141LL 1156A 1156ALL  1156 1156LL 1156ST 1156NA 1159 1195 1295 1295NA  1459 1619 1651 1680 2396 3497 3497LL 7506 7506ST  7506LL 7506L 7527 12088 12498 P21W

1156 S25 SC Bayonet BA15s

  • 1003 1003LL 105 105LL 1155 1155LL 5007 5007LL  5008 5008LL 57X 67 67LL 89 89LL 98

1157 S25 DC Bayonet BAY15d

94 1016 1034 1034LL 1130  1152 1154 1157NA 1157A 1157ALL 1157  1157LL 1157ST 1158 1178A 1196 1493 2057A  2057ALL 2057 2057LL 2057ST 2357A 2357ALL  2357 2357LL 2357NA 2396 2397 2397LL 3496  3496LL 12499 12594 P21/5W P21/4W

3156 T25 Plastic Wedge W2.5x16d

  • 3056 3155 3155LL 3156 3156A 3156AK 3156LL 3156ST  3156K 3356 3456 3456K 3456LL 4156

3157 T25 Plastic Wedge W2.5x16q

  • 3047 3047LL 3047K 3057A 3057ALL 3057 3057K  3057KX 3057X 3057KLCP 3057LL 3057ST 3057NA 3155  3155LL 3157A 3157AK 3157NA 3157NALL 3157NAK 3157  3157X 3157LL 3157ST 3157KX 3157K 3357A 3357ALL  3357 3357LL 3357K 3454NA 3457A 3457ALL 3457AK  3457 3457K 3457NA 3457NAK 3757A 3757AK 3757ALL  4057 4057LL 4057K 4114 4114K 4114LL 4157 4157K  4157LL 4157NA 4157NAK 5702A 5702AK 5702KA
  • Dome Festoon  30MM DE3175
  • 3021 3022 3175 6428 6430  6614F 7065 DE3021 DE3021LL DE3022  DE3022LL DE3175 DE3175LL 12842
  • Dome Festoon  38MM 6418
  • DE6423 6423 11005 DE3423  DE3423LL 3423 7456 C5W C5WL 6418 6418LL  6461 6486X 12844 DE3425 DE3425LL 3425  3710 12854
  • Dome Festoon  43MM 578
  • 560 570 571 577 578  578LL 211 E211-2 212 211-2 211-2LL  E212-2 212-2 212-2LL 214-2 4410 6476  12864 6411

7440 T20 Maxi Wedge W3x16d

  • 992 992A 7440AL 7440NA 7440A 7440 7440LL 7440ST  7441 P21W W21W WY21W

7443 T20 Maxi Wedge W3x16q

  • 7443 7443LL 7443ST 7444 7444NA W21/5W

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