6000K DAMA KUV D3S LED bulbs

HID Xenon bulbs Vs. DAMA KUV D-Series LED Bulbs.

by Frank K on January 28, 2023 Categories: News
Over the years, the color temperature question came up the most from our customers. The demand and desire of many customers are that they want the whitest and the brightest bulb for their cars. In today's blog, we will discuss the HID Xenon bulb vs. LED bulb made for the HID Xenon headlights, and introduce our DAMA 6000K Kanji Ultimate Vision Gen3 KUV D3S LED Bulbs.
HID Xenon bulbs became extremely popular over halogen headlight bulbs. Mainly, HID bulbs are much brighter and last longer than halogen headlight bulbs. However, because it is a gas-discharged bulb, the color temperature fluctuates and needs to go through, what we called, a "Color Shift" for the color temperature to stabilize. Furthermore, the OEM HID bulb's color temperature (Kelvin) starts at 4300K and the color tends to emit a slight yellow hue. The nature of Xenon is that it will eventually go whiter as the bulb ages. The trade-off is that the brightness (Luminous flux or Lumen) goes down as the color gets whiter. (Note: At a certain point, the color may show a blue/purplish color. This is one of the signs of the end of bulb life) There is performance HID Xenon bulbs that come with a higher Kelvin rating, but the bulbs come at a higher price point. Also, even some of these bulbs have to go through a color shift to achieve the bulbs' maximum kelvin ratings. What is the solution to getting the whitest and brightest HID bulbs for your headlights? The solution is D-series LED bulbs.

OEM D3S hid bulb versus DAMA d3s led bulb
6000K Whiter color of DAMA KUV D3S LED bulb versus 4300K OEM HID bulb

When LED bulbs became popular with halogen-based head lamps, LED bulbs made for D-series HID bulbs started to come to the market. Two issues that the early days of the D-series HID bulb made us pause carrying the product.
1) Brightness: The buyer like HID Xenon bulbs for their brightness. Although D-series LED bulbs were brighter than halogen, the early days of these bulbs were dimmer than HID Xenon bulbs.
2) HID ballast: Some of the LED bulbs that we found to be as bright as the HID Xenon bulbs had to bypass the HID ballast. Our decision to not carry these D-series HID bulbs is that most customers would be hesitant to "splice" the wires to the existing headlight assembly.

After many bench tests and designs, we finally solved those two issues and introduced DAMA 6000K Kanji Ultimate Vision Gen3 KUV D3S LED Bulbs. Our D-Series HID bulbs plug directly into the HID ballast in the headlight, just like any other HID Xenon bulbs. DAMA is brighter with a greater hot spot in the middle which throws greater distance. Lastly, LED (Light Emitting Diode) works by recombination of electrons and electron holes in a semiconductor. This process is called "electroluminescence," and makes a much more steady color temperature than the HID Xenon bulbs. Simply put, when we made the 6000K white color LED bulbs, it emits 6000K white color. The side-by-side comparison photo shows that the OEM D3S HID Xenon bulb on the left has lower kelvin (slightly yellower) than the DAMA D3S LED bulb on the right (White) One of the best parts of the DAMA 6000K Kanji Ultimate Vision Gen3 KUV D3S LED Bulbs is the greater hotspot in the middle. This was evident in the photo and mentioned many times by our customers.

Currently, HIDCONCEPT.COM carries D1S, D3S, and D8S LED bulbs. The natural question is, "What about D2S and D4S?" Just like we didn't just jump into the D-series LED bulb market, our policy is to offer reliable and the highest quality products to our customers. Coming soon.