A war between Fake vs Real: Philips OEM HID Xenon Headlight Bulb

A war between Fake vs Real: Philips OEM HID Xenon Headlight Bulb

by Mike C on May 11, 2017 Categories: News

The most frequently asked question from customers is ‘Is it 100% Genuine Authentic Philips (Osram or Valeo) HID Xenon Bulb or product?’ Or, oem vs aftermarket—which is better?

Unfortunately, approximately 80% or more of Philips HID Xenon bulbs sold online marketplaces, such as eBay, Amazon, or other private vendors, are NOT Authentic Philips HID Xenon bulbs.

The truth is that most online shoppers are not able to identify that what they are buying are either Real or Fake because it is really hard to tell the difference ONLY by its appearance. Basically, those Fake ones look as Real nowadays. Furthermore, due to its poor quality, those counterfeited Philips (or Osram) HID Xenon bulbs are putting our buyer at risk from damage or injury.

Most OE Manufacturer Brands, such as Philips or Osram, came up with what they believed to be a solution; COA (Certificate of Authenticity) security label. Philips is trying to tell their buyer how to identify their Genuine Authentic Philips HID Xenon bulbs by placing the COA security label on each of their products. However, fake bulb manufacturers already started using duplicated COA labels to apply on inauthentic products, which is not reliable solution now.

We, HID Concept, as an Authorized Philips dealer, are cooperating with OE manufacturer to stop those vendors who are selling Fake Philips HID Xenon bulbs. However, due to the buyer’s lack of knowledge and its low (too go to be true) price, it is almost impossible to keep online buyers away from buying Fake Philips HID bulbs.

Here is a short video clip we prepared in an effort to help our buyers to prevent them from buying counterfeited Philips HID Xenon bulb. In this video, we compared Genuine Authentic Philips D4R 42406 HID Xenon Headlight bulb made in Germany to counterfeited Philips D4R HID bulb made in China. 


se see close-up photos below, which show major differences between fake vs. genuine PHILIPS D4R bulb. 
(Philips D4R bulb was used as a sample but the comparison guide should apply on D2S, D2R, and D4S as well; only D4S & D4R have dimple points by return wire)

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