Honda Civic Headlights

2020 Honda Civic Si

In 1972, Honda Civic started as the subcompact car class, then into the compact car class. After established itself as a leading motorcycle manufacturer, Honda began automobile production in 1963. Honda Civic was one of the first models to have a significant impact in the export market that inspire other Japanese carmakers to respond in similar models. (Mitsubishi Mirage and Daihatsu Charade) For Honda, Civic was the platform for them to produce other popular models like Accord and Prelude models. So, what made Honda Civic so popular and enjoy a long success? Besides the reliability of Civic, the ready parts interchangeability made the Civic a popular platform for modification and customization by the enthusiast community. Such is the reason why many of HIDCONCEPT.COM customers are the owner/driver of Honda Civic. 

Like many vehicles in the early era, the low beam that the Civic used was 6014 Par lamps. Honda did introduce the LED headlight option for the Civic models in 2016, but for the most part, they always stayed with the halogen low beam bulbs. From 2000 to 2008, Honda Civic low beam used 9006 (HB4) and from 2009 until the present day, Honda Civic changed the size to H11 for low beam. The reason for the change is that up until 2008/2009 Civic had the reflector low beam housing and when 2009 Civic went to the projector-style, 9006 bulbs were replaced by H11 size. Both sizes are super popular for the HID xenon conversion kit. Again, we have a constant flow of Honda Civic drivers, both older model and new, that installs our DAMA HID xenon conversion kit. The other popular kit is our BLESK HID conversion kit. A benefit of Blesk is that the ballast has built-in CANBUS function, so this is a perfect ballast for later model Civic with a more complicated computer system. 

One of the benefits of Honda Civic is that access to the low beam is so much easier than the American and European vehicles. In many cases, installing the low beam requires a little to no disassembly and a simple reach into the low beam area to change the bulbs. This is why Plug-N-Play DAMA Kanji Lux Vision (KLV) and DAMA Kanji Focus Vision (KFV) are super popular with our Civic customers. DAMA Kanji Focus Vision (KFV) is especially beneficial because of its smaller length, which helps to fit into smaller cavities.