Ford F-150 Headlights

Ford F-150 Headlights

When it comes to trucks, there is no other than Ford F-Series trucks. Since 1948, Ford dominated this market with a fleet of various F-Series trucks. Since 1977, Ford F-Series has been the best-selling pickup truck in the United States, and the highest-selling vehicle overall since 1981. These trucks came in various chassis, styles, and on and off, special series like Eddie Bauer Series with the outdoors-themed interior trim with two-tone exterior paint; Harley-Davidson Edition featuring leather seating made from materials reserved for Harley-Davidson biker jackets; and SVT/Ford Raptors which has full options of high-performance off-road racing trucks.  In this Featured Vehicle edition, we will focus on the Ford F150 & the headlights compatible with the F-150.

SIXTH GENERATION FORD F150 (1973 ~ 1979)
Although the F-Series has been around since 1948, it wasn't until 1975 that  F150 was first introduced to the market. F150 replaced the previous F100 and became the longest-running and most popular F-Series by Ford. Along with F150, the SuperCab extended-cab body was also introduced at this time. Just as many other vehicles of this time, the size that Ford F150 used was 6014, par lamp, and so we will skip over to more of a relevant year to introduce some light bulb options.

TENTH (1997 ~ 2004), ELEVENTH (2004 ~ 2008) & TWELFTH (2009~2014) GENERATION FORD F150 
That's a mouthful. 1997 seems eons ago, but Ford F150 is extremely durable and many of our customers still use this workhorse to this date. However, Ford F150 still was lagging with the headlight bulbs. From 1997 to 2004, the low beam size used for Ford F-150 headlights was 9007. Then, they upgraded(?) to 9008 (H13) from 2004 to 2012. It wasn't until 2015 that Ford F150 caught up with the other vehicle bulb sizes and 13th Generation F150 finally had, "H11." Many Ford F150 owner/drivers converted the factory installed halogen low beam to HID Conversion Kit, which improved both the visibility and the color.

Thirteenth generation Ford F150 was first previewed in the 2013 Detroit Auto Show. Along with many redesigns to accommodate the interest of fuel economy, the halogen headlamp switched the size to more popular, H11. Like the other vehicles, H11 HID conversion was extremely popular with this model. At the same time, Ford also introduced an LED headlight assembly option which was desired by many, but with a bit of a drawback. The F150 with LED headlight assembly was expensive to start, but when a problem happens to the LED headlight, you needed to change the entire assembly! This is when we started to see a lot of F150 customers with halogen headlights purchase our DAMA Kanji Focus Vision (KFV) H11 LED headlight. Easy to install and a better price than the factory LED headlights. Finally, Ford F150 also had D3S HID xenon headlight option in 2013.