Chevy Silverado Headlights

Chevy Silverado Headlights

It is no surprise that the pickup truck market has been the hottest and the best selling vehicle in the States for years. In this week's Featured Vehicle, we are going to look at Chevrolet Silverado. Silverado became the next generation that replaced a long-running Chevrolet C/K ("C" denoted a two-wheel drive; "K" denoted a four-wheel-drive) pickup truck. Silverado is mechanically similar to the GMC Sierra, and in Mexico, the heavy-duty version of Silverado is called, "Chevrolet Cheyenne."

Silverado used the popular 9006 (HB4) for low beam, 9005 (HB3) for high beam, and 880 for the fog lights. The upgrade options are either the HID xenon conversion kit, which will be much brighter than the halogen bulbs or the LED bulbs, which is a simple Plug-N-Play.

The second generation Silverado changed the low beam size to H11. Although 9006 is still popular, H11 widens the choice of bulbs. Osram Night Breaker Laser H11 the best hotspot which makes it brighter than the standard halogen bulbs. On the other side, Osram Cool Blue Boost H11 has the highest Kelvin rating which produces "whiter" color than the other halogen bulbs. H11 is such a popular size for the low beam that you also have choices to either installed the HID xenon conversion kit or the LED bulbs. 

Chevrolet redesigned the Silverado, and in the process of many changes, they also made some significant changes with the low beam. H11 size was still used for the Silverado with a halogen low beam. However, they introduced D5S HID xenon low beam in 2016. Philips D5S OEM HID xenon was the factory-installed bulb. D5S is a particular HID xenon bulb. Unlike other HID xenon bulbs that require an external HID ballast controller, D5S has built-in HID ballast within the base of the bulb. However, much of the complaints about Philips D5S bulb is with the color, brightness, and the price. 

In 2017, HIDCONCEPT.COM solved that problem by introducing DAMA Kanji Ultimate Vision D5S HID xenon bulbs. DAMA D5S is 35W (vs. 25W Philips) which produces higher Lumen thus brighter with 5500K that has a "whiter" color than Philip D5S. On top of that, a set of DAMA D5S is almost as same as one Philips D5S! HIDCONCEPT.COM did not stop there. In 2019, DAMA D5S LED Kanji Ultimate Vision debuted, and much to even ourselves, this bulb became one of the hottest sellers. Although the DAMA D5S HID xenon does have a higher lumen rating, the DAMA LED D5S still has a brightness that beats the OEM Philips. The benefit of LED is the longer lifespan and the color. The one unanimous review that we've been getting is that the customers are all in agreement that the color quality has improved dramatically over the Philips OEM D5S. The price? Same as the DAMA D5S HID xenon bulbs, still better than the Philips.

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