Audi A4 Headlights

Audi A4 in front of mountain range

The Audi A4 is a line of compact executive cars produced in 1994 based on the Volkswagen Group B Platform. Available in a sedan, station wagon, and B7 model with the convertible version, Audi A4 is extremely popular and the many HIDCONCEPT.COM customers are the driver/owner of this vehicle.

SECOND (B6; 2001 ~ 2006) & THIRD (B7; 2004 ~ 2009) GENERATION AUDI A4
We will start with more of a relevant year with the 2nd generation Audi A4. Designed by legendary Audi TT designer, Peter Schreyer,
the 2nd generation debuted on October 10, 2000. The halogen headlight Audi A4 used H7 size for both high and low beam. For the fog, H7 and H11 were used in different A4 models. With the HID xenon headlamp A4 models, D1S was the primary size. To improve visibility and light output, many customers switched the factory-installed OEM HID xenon bulbs to Philips XtremeVision D1S. Some who preferring whiter light output chose Osram Cool Blue Boost D1S.
H7 halogen bulb was primarily used for the high beam and the H11 halogen bulb was used for the Fog lamp. However, 2013 and 2014 Audi A4 with HID xenon low beam model used H8 for the fog lamp bulb. Most of this factory-installed high beam and low beam bulbs were either Philips standard halogen or Osram standard halogen bulbs. Upgrading to LED was popular for the fog lights, but simply switching the standard halogen to performance halogen bulbs like Osram Cool Blue Intense or Osram Night Breaker Laser H8 is a simple, yet gives a better performance than the standard halogen bulbs.

FOURTH (B8; 2008 ~ 2016) & FIFTH (B9; 2016 ~ PRESENT) GENERATION AUDI A4
Overlapping with the 3rd generation Audi A4 (Avant), The size D3S was used for some of the Audi A4 with HID xenon headlights, and in the 5th generation, AUDI A4 introduced D5S HID xenon headlight assembly. Halogen headlights stayed pretty much the same size as H7 and H11. Like many current vehicles, the trend is the factory-installed LED headlight assembly. For Audi A4 with H7 or H11 headlight assembly, this can be easily achieved by installing DAMA Kanji Lux Vision. It is notable that the European vehicles, especially the later models, have a complicated computer system, and installing LED bulbs would most likely trigger error-messages. Eliminating this is simple: connect or install a CANBUS or LED decoder in between the bulb and the vehicle would solve this problem.