R-series aftermarket bulbs

R-series aftermarket bulbs

by Mike C on November 02, 2017 Categories: News
Introducing our Blesk R-series aftermarket HID bulbs.

There are two different headlamp housings; Reflector type and Projector type.

Reflector headlamp has standard chrome reflector bowl, which is designed to reflect lights against the chrome reflector bowl and direct light towards to the ground ahead of vehicle.
Projector headlamp has magnifying glass looking-like object, which collects light produced from the bulb’s capsule and shoot through the lens, which then gives very well focused beam pattern with cut-off line that limit any light to be blinding other traffic.
More halogen lighting equipped vehicles have non-projector headlamp housings (AKA: reflector headlamps).
When you install a regular aftermarket HID kit with clear glass capsules without any coated shield being placed on bulb capsules, you will most likely blind others including oncoming traffic, which can possibly lead to an accident.
You want to enhance night driving visibility by installing HID lights without bothering other traffic.

Well, we have a solution for you.
We now offer R-series aftermarket HID kits and bulbs made by Blesk.
R-series Blesk bulbs have coated shield on bulb capsule to limit the light from aiming upwards to reduce amount of glare and avoid blinding oncoming traffic.

A photo of H7R bulb installed on a 2009 Audi A4 with reflector-type headlamp.
Click here for this customer's un-biased review.

(Yes, you still see glares from it but it's MUCH less than glares given from using D2S based HID bulbs)

If anyone asks for a solution that would give the best lighting result, I would honestly recommend to retrofit HID projectors into your headlamp housings.
However, this involves good amount work to be done; bumper removal, headlight removal, taking the headlamp housing apart, trimming/cutting to fit HID projector, re-glueing, etc…
This process is not an easy task and not a preferred type of customization when the vehicle is new, too.
Therefore, many customers choose to install regular HID conversion kit and you should at least get this done correctly by getting the R-series HID bulbs.
R-series HID bulbs, would not be needed if you have projector type headlamps.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.