Few thoughts about 2019 Chicago Auto Show (And, more pictures!)

Few thoughts about 2019 Chicago Auto Show (And, more pictures!)

by Frank K on March 09, 2019 Categories: News

2 weeks ago, we went to check out the 2019 Chicago Auto show. We took lots of pictures of new and some cool looking cars at the show, and here are some afterthoughts about the 2019 Chicago Auto Show.

1) MIA

Notably, BMW and Mercedes-Benz dissed the Chicago Auto Show. Actually, they also skipped out on Detroit Autoshow earlier on as well. This could be a sign that the nature of auto shows are changing, or that BMW finally had it with little kids smearing the ice cream all over their BMW i8. It was disappointing, to say the least.

2) Fewer and fewer concept cars

In the early days of auto shows, The concept car was the grand finale of every auto manufacturers, sort of like prom queen coronation. In this auto show, they had some, but either they have tugged away in the corner like a loaf of stale bread or just not presented at all. The center stage was dominated by the vehicle that the manufacturers wanted to "sell," now.

3) Trucks & SUV

There's no doubt that trucks and SUV's are the vehicles from here and out. Even Benz who skipped out on the show came with their Sprinter and Metris van that made all the local plumbing HVAC repairmen drool with envy. Some of the manufacturers like Jeep and Land Rover had a rough landscape made up so that you can "experience" the wild driving of their vehicles. Note to them: We're in Chicago, Illinois, a flat land!

4) Exotic car booth

You go to a zoo expecting to see tigers, elephants, and lions but you see... a goat. That's what it was like with Chicago Auto Show's "exotic" car booth. First, they chained it off like SuperMax prison and then you have all these people staring at five, maybe 6 exotic cars. As the infamous quote by Homer Simpson would say, "BORING!"

5) SOO~PRA!!!

Toyota brought back that iconic Supra back with some nice touch. The new GR Supra looks really nice. This vehicle will definitely bring back, "When I was in high school" talk to many people.

Anyway, those are our afterthoughts. Although we enjoy the show, we left feeling that the 2019 Chicago Auto Show was just a big car sales event with overpriced junk food. Note to self: Never go to an auto show on Saturday!

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