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by Frank K on May 27, 2022 Categories: Bulb Guide

Alfa Romeo Replacement Bulb Guide

Disclaimer: The automotive replacement bulb guide is for general information only. We are not responsible for any information in this list. Please follow the guideline from your auto dealerships for accurate information.

The bulb size that has "H" or starts with "9" refers to the halogen bulbs. "D" indicates the HID xenon bulbs. If you have the halogen headlight bulbs, you can convert the headlight with rebased HID conversion kits or change to Plug-n-Play LED bulbs.

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Model Year Low beam High beam Fog/Driving light
4C 2017 - 2015 H9 - -
With HID 2017 - 2015 D2S - -
With LED 2017 - 2015 LED - -
Giulia 2017 D3S - H11
With 25W HID 2017 D5S - H11