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9005 9006 HB3 HB4 - HCX LED Decoder Error Canceller | Pack of 2

Brand: HCX


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Products Description

Wire Harness: HCX 9005/9006 Decoder Error Canceller CNT-LED-DCD-9005-X2 (Pack of 2)

Easy to install, just Plug-N-Play that will solve any error message problems. Made with the highest quality material, HCX 9005/9006 Decoder Error Canceller will eliminate problems such as LED flickering and cancel any error messages.

When will you need a decoder?
(1) When the car starts, the bulb keeps flashing.
(2) The dashboard shows an error message.
(3) The bulb stays on even when the headlights are turned off.
(4) The LED light seems significantly dimmer than normal.

Note: Please make sure that the metal resistor part does not touch any plastic surface or wires. 

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  • I bought some led headlights my lights fligger on and off will that harness work on my 2016 Jeep compass

    The low beam size for the 2016 Jeep Compass is H11, so you would need the H11 LED decoder.
    Wire Harness: HCX H11 LED Bulb Decoder Error Canceller CNT-LED-DCD-H11-X2 (Pack of 2)

    Now, the flickering issues can be few things and the wire harness could be one of the causes. The decoder is to eliminate any possible error message on your dashboard and/or hyper flash issues. If your LED bulbs are literally flickering on and off, connecting the decoder may or may not help.

  • I have a 2004 Nissan Xterra that was factory equipped with halogen bulb fog lights which I would like to change over to LED type lighting. I am specifically looking for this particular type of adapter to go in between the original harness connector and the bulb/light itself. I believe the original bulbs are #899(B1) but am not 100% sure. Will this unit work for my application or if not, do you have one that will and what is the part number? I am also looking for a similar type of extension connector shown except without the resistor (an extension with both male and female connectors -OR- a pigtail extension with just the male end connector) that will work in my application. If you have either or both available, I would like your part number(s) on those as well. Please let me know at your earliest opportunity. Thanks.

    2004 Xterra uses 9007 halogen bulbs. 
    Unfortunately, we do not have any adapter for this bulb type.