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HCX Philips H11 to D2R D2S D4R D4S Rebased HID Xenon HID Bulbs HID-HCX-H11-D2S-X2 | Pack of 2



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Products Description

H11 - HCX Philips HID Xenon Bulbs (Pack of 2)

Fully compatible with cars, SUVs, and trucks with H11 headlights. HCX PHILIPS HID/Xenon bulbs are rebased with the genuine PHILIPS HID bulb capsule and precisely manufactured by our factory to ensure proper fitment.

'R' type is for vehicles with reflector housing (without lenses).  

The coating on the bulb capsule will reduce the amount of glare and offers a controlled beam pattern.

Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) for bulb used:

85126C1 - Philips D2R OE 4300K re-based to H11 'R' type
85126XV2C1 - Philips D2R Xtreme Vision 4800K re-based to H11 'R' type
85122WXX2 - Philips D2S Ultinon 6000K re-based to H11
42406C1 - Philips D4R OE 4300K re-based to H11 'R' type
42402C1 - Philips D4S  OE 4300K re-based to H11

To help you choose the right color temp, please use the reference below.

4300K: OEM factory HID lighting spec; Yellowish white color
4800K: Flash white with a hint of yellow hue and improved visibility
6000K: Clear White with a very minimal tint of purple/blue mixed tone.

Technical Specs
Lamp Size H11
Origin Germany
Application High & Low beam, Fog lights
Technology HID / Xenon
Kelvin(K) 4300K, 4800K, or 6000K
Lumens (Lm) 3200lm (estimated)
Wattage 35 W
Connector Type KET2
Estimated Life Time 2000 - 3000 hrs
33165-SAA-003,33165-S5A-003, N-105-297-01, 63-21-7-160-784, 07-11-9-903-703, 63-21-0-395-449, 63-21-6-926-913, 63-21-6-926-914, 2C5Z-13N021-AA, 13586977, 13503374, 13503417, 92095787, L0000H11, 33165-SAA-003, 18649-55009-H, 26296-9B92B, 26296-5Z000, 26296-8990A, 26296-8990D, 26296-8990E, 26296-89945, 26296-89946, 26296-89947, 26296-89949, 26296-8994B, 26296-9B92A, 26296-AU300, 26296-ZQ50A, B6296-89947), C2S42389, XZQ000110, LR044458,90981-13090, 90981-13085, 0000-11-H11, 9070-37-550, 000000-001606, 000000-001606, MS820976, N-105-297-01, 13586977, 13503417, 92095787, 90981-13075, 90981-13082, 90981-WD012, 90981-WD013, SU003-02571, 84920YA000, 35911-82Z42, 989838

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Customer Reviews

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Questions & Answers

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  • hi i want order H11 - HCX Philips HID Xenon Bulbs (Pack of 2) and i have already denso ballast i want to know what the appropriate wiring to that ballast

    Some wiring tab job may be needed but to connect bulbs and ballasts, you need following harnesses.

  • The d2s and d4s use different ballasts....Do you have a recommendation??

    For H1 HCX Philips bulbs, you can only use D2 ballasts. 

  • is this OEM BULB

    They use OEM 4300K Philips bulb capsules. 

  • Is this bulb comparable to morimoto h11b bulbs? The reason I asked is because Im concern if this bulb will emitt a return wire shadow on my accord 2016 halogen projectors

    HCX Philips bulbs are using true Philips bulb capsules, not comparable to bulbs made in China. 

  • I can use a Morimoto AMP ballasts with yours KET - AMP adapter with this bulb?

    Not sure what type of connector end this vendor uses but please check out images we have on our prduct page to check if it's identical connector type as what you need.    Thanks, 

  • Can i use HCX Hid Bulb H11 for morimoto H11 hid kit(change h11b morimoto bulb for h11 hcx phillip bulb)?

    As long as connector type matches, you can use our bulbs with any aftermarket ballast out there. 
    Ours come with KET2 type connectors while most of Chinese kits come with AMP type connectors. 

  • Will you stock the Philips D2R OE 4300K re-based to H11 (NON R- type)? It's been out of stock for some time.

    So, are you looking for D2S rebased for H11? 

  • 2018 F-150 XLT Reflector housing - Interested in purchasing H11 - HCX Philips HID Xenon Bulbs (Pack of 2). A couple questions I am hoping you can assist me with: - Are the necessary ballast and cancellers included in price? - What do I need to purchase to "plug in and play? As I am planning on purchasing this low beam from you, I want to ensure I buy all the necessary items so that I can install and start seeing down the road a bit better. Thanks in advance for your help. Brendon

    This is for only two Philips rebased HID bulbs in H11 size without any ballasts. 
    For reflector type headlamps, I suggest using H11-R type bulbs with DAMA kit.

  • Do these bulbs cause flicker or shaking of the light when going over bumps? I ask because morimoto bulbs on new OEM headlight housings cause the lights to shake when going over bumps while the OEM Phillips H11 halogens don’t.

    The bulbs (at least our bulbs) do not give shaky feel when going over bumps.
    If your lights give shaky feel when going over bumps, you might want to check to make sure that bulbs are not loose when mounted on headlamps. If it's secured tightly and still give shaky feel, it may be a faulty bulb.

  • What ballast do I need for the D2S Xtreme vision 4800K re-based to H11 bulb

    If you do not have the existing ballasts, it might be better to purchase the complete kit. There is a dropdown menu with an option to choose the bulb you need.

    H11: BLESK HID Xenon Conversion Kit BKK-BK-H11-4K (4K/5K/6K)

    FOr any other questions, please write to

  • Phillips h11 rebase when will they be available? Also will they worl with my hyluxtek ballast? Thanks

    Tell us which color temp you need and we will check it for you.