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Dama H11 Kanji Focus Vision KFV LED Bulbs 6000K DAKFV1H11 | Pack of 2

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Products Description

H11: DAMA Kanji FOCUS Vision (KFV) V.1 LED Bulbs DAKFV1H11 (Pack of 2)

Empower Night Driving Visibility

Application Note: LED bulbs from all brands are not compliant with DOT / FMVSS108 and are not street legal in the USA. Currently, LED bulbs are only legal in the USA for Fog Light use. LED bulbs are legal for off-road use in ATV, snowmobile, and off-road racing use. International law and regulations vary by country.

Following the ever-popular, DAMA Kanji LUX Vision, DAMA Kanji FOCUS Vision is the latest LED bulb created by HID CONCEPT for cars, SUVs, and trucks with H11 headlights. True HID Concept's dedication to quality products, DAMA Kanji FOCUS Vision is affordable, reliable, and trusted in the industry. Instead of most knock-offs and untested bulbs in the market, DAMA Kanji FOCUS Vision goes through rigorous 4-step testing before they are presented to our customers. 

When used in the projector lamps, DAMA Kanji FOCUS Vision LED bulbs emit an excellent beam pattern with a sharp cut-off line and a proper center-aligned focal point. The long-range light beam output gives extra visibility to every driver. With its cool white 6500K color, DAMA Kanji Focus Vision is the next generation of LED bulbs.

Another cool feature that DAMA Kanji Focus Vision has is its detachable cooling fan. Now, you don't have to remove or replace the entire LED bulb. You only need to remove the cooling fan assembly and easily reattach a new working unit. With all these features, HID CONCEPT confidently adds a 2-year factory defect warranty on all DAMA Kanji FOCUS Vision LED light bulbs.

Technical Specs
Lamp Size H11 
Fan / Canbus Yes / No
Voltage DC 9V - 32V
Power 20W each
Chip Type CREE Technology
Lumens 6500lm (set)
Lifespan 30,000 hrs
33165-SAA-003,33165-S5A-003, N-105-297-01, 63-21-7-160-784, 07-11-9-903-703, 63-21-0-395-449, 63-21-6-926-913, 63-21-6-926-914, 2C5Z-13N021-AA, 13586977, 13503374, 13503417, 92095787, L0000H11, 33165-SAA-003, 18649-55009-H, 26296-9B92B, 26296-5Z000, 26296-8990A, 26296-8990D, 26296-8990E, 26296-89945, 26296-89946, 26296-89947, 26296-89949, 26296-8994B, 26296-9B92A, 26296-AU300, 26296-ZQ50A, B6296-89947), C2S42389, XZQ000110, LR044458,90981-13090, 90981-13085, 0000-11-H11, 9070-37-550, 000000-001606, 000000-001606, MS820976, N-105-297-01, 13586977, 13503417, 92095787, 90981-13075, 90981-13082, 90981-WD012, 90981-WD013, SU003-02571, 84920YA000, 35911-82Z42, 989838

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Questions & Answers

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  • Will the H-11 DAMA Kanji Focus Vision V.1 LED Headlight Bulbs work in my 2014 GMC 3500 sierra, low beam & day time running lights?

    For low beam, H11 is the correct size for your 2014 GMC Sierra 3500 so DAMA H11 LED headlight bulbs will work. In most cases, it is a simple Plug-N-Play. However, you may want to double check the bulb length to make sure to have enough space. Also, you may want to purchase H11 Error Canceller wire harness to elimiate any possible error message that may pop up on your dashboard.

  • will these work on a 2011 nissan cube

    2011 Nissan Cube uses 9003/H4. 
    We have a HID conversion kit for it.

  • Will this work in my 2019 Honda Civic EX-L Navi for low beams? The Sport Touring comes with LED. Bulb size is H11.

    If your 2019 Honda Civic EX-L has H11 as the low beam, DAMA KFV will definitely fit.

  • have a HID conversion kit my car 2019 Honda CRV EX-L for low beams? LED. Bulb size is H11. Can I suggest perfect bulb size

    DAMA KFV is great bulb for projector type headlamps especially for great cut-off line. 
    If you want even more light output, check out DAMA KLV series.

  • Will these bulbs work in my 2018 Porsche Macan fog lights

    Absolutely. You just need to use decoders found here

    For any further questions, please contact us at

  • Can this be use as foglights for my mazda 3 2014? Thanks.

    Yes. H11 is the correct size for the 2014 Mazda 3 fog lights.
    For any other questions, please write to

  • Will I need anything else to put these in my 2009 ford fusion?

    H11 DAMA KFV Focus Vision LED bulbs are direct Plug-N-Play for your 2009 Ford Fusion. 
    That being said, you may want to connect the LED bulbs with the LED decoder to avoid any possible error message on your dashboard. Typically, European vehicles have this problem, but since the car manufacturers do not publish any guidelines in aftermarket parts, we do suggest doing so.
    Below are links to two different H11 decoders we have in stock.


    H8/H11/H16: Philips LED Adapter CANbus 18954C2 (Pack of 2)

    For any other questions, please write to