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Philips H1 X-TremeVision Pro150 Halogen Bulbs 3500K 11258XVPS2 | Pack of 2


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Products Description

H1: Philips X-treme Vision Pro150 Halogen Bulbs 11258XVPS2 (Pack of 2)

Why choose Philips X-treme Vision Pro150?

Philips H1 X-treme Vision Pro150 112258XVPS2 halogens bulb Combines striking brightness with the kind of lifespan previously unavailable in such a high-performance bulb. Philips H1 X-treme Vision Pro150 112258XVPS2 halogen bulb provides greatly improved visibility compared to the conventional halogen bulb for any cars, SUVs, or trucks with H1 headlights. 
Unlike a standard halogen bulb, the Philips H1 X-treme Vision Pro150 112258XVPS2 halogen bulb is constructed with high-quality quartz glass that enhances the performance of the bulb.

Only one bulb burned out? Your other bulb will burn out as well, sooner than you expected
HID Concept highly recommends our customers replace both bulbs at the same time, in order to get even/matching lighting output.

Philips H1 X-treme Vision Pro150 112258XVPS2 halogen bulb can be used as a direct replacement if you currently use any H1 Halogen light bulbs on your vehicle.

34901-SZ3-000, N-017-761-2, 63-21-7-160-777, 07-50-9-064-001, 63-21-0-395-442, 63-21-6-926-908,BM5Z-13N021-A, 5133960AA, 18647-55009-E, 26291-9B90A, 26291-89900, 26291-89903, XR851816, 18647, 55009E, 0000-11-0H1 9970-31-550, 9970-31-550L, 26291-89901,4685301, 84920pa060, 989811

Technical Specs
Lamp Size H1
Base P14.5s
Color temp. (K) 3500K
Brightness Up to 150% more brightness
Technology Halogen
Voltage 12V
Wattage 55W
Manufacturer part number (MPN) 11258XVPS2


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Customer Reviews

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Questions & Answers

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  • How long does these bulbs last?

    That is difficult to answer. Many factors can effect the longevity of any lightbulbs.
    Having said that, Philips X-treme Vision has good performance. WIthout an unexpected variance, the total life expectancy should be around 18-24 months. 

  • What is the VERY brightest H1 that you offer? I have Sylvania Silverstar Ultra and it is garbage. I feel that I need a high beam bulb that is more like 100 watt but I am open for options. The vehicle is an off road 4X4 that is raised 6" so the current low beams just don't cut it. The fog lights do most of the illumination.

    These are hot seling bulbs for those who are looking for more visibility improvement. 
    However, if you are looking for some significant increase on brightness, I would say that going with HID light would be the only option. 

  • how many bulbs are in a package?

    There are two bulbs in one pack.