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9006/HB4: HCX 3K-10K LED Foglight Bulb LED-6GHL9006 (Pack of 2)

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Products Description

9006/HB4: HCX 3K-10K LED Foglight Bulb LED-6GHL9006 (Pack of 2)

33116-TA0-A01, 33104-SL5-A02, 33115-SH3-A01AH, 33116-S84-A01, 33116-S84-A11, 33116-SH3-A01, 33116-SV4-A01, 33116-TA0-A11
Application Note: LED bulbs from all brands are not compliant with DOT / FMVSS108 and are not street legal in the USA. Currently, LED bulbs are only legal in the USA for Fog Light use. LED bulbs are legal for off-road use in ATV, snowmobile, and off-road racing use. International law and regulations vary by country.

The kit uses PHILIPS LMZ Chips to produce up to 3000 lumens and come with deep golden yellow filters.

It also comes with 2 more filters for 6500K and 8000K. So far, we tried on H11 - G6 3000K LED Headlight / Fog light kit on Porsche Macan, Cayenne, and Audi Q5 and confirmed that it does not trigger an error message.

Compared to the halogen bulb, LED is 70% energy saving, and with 3 times longer lifespan.

63-21-7-160-786, 63-12-1-382-496, 63-21-6-926-916, 19257054, E9SZ-13N021-A, 33116-TA0-A01, B6296-89918, 26296-60U02

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Our goal is simple – Provide automotive bulbs and accessories to our customers with the best price and fast service. With the knowledge and experiences we've earned from our business, we sort out the best quality products that we feel confident in offering to our customers. Frankly, we love the lights. We are constantly tinkering and researching to improve the products and services to our customers. We don't play around with our price. The price you see on our website is the best price anywhere- Period.

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26296-89911, 26296-89918, 90981-13090, 000000-008137, 000000-000069, AB009006, 4685301, 90981-13047, 90080-81040, 84920pa010, 983609

Technical Specs
Input Power 22W
Operating Voltage 12 - 24V
Lumen 3000 LM
Light Source Philips Luxeon MZ Chips
Operating Life Approximately 30,000 hrs

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Customer Reviews

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Questions & Answers

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  • Fit in 2006 toyota solara sle cupe

    No, you need H11 bulbs. 
    Here's the link.

  • Will these fit in my 2001 M3 fog light housings?

    9006 (HB4) is the correct size for the 2001 BMW M3. One thing that you may want to check is the backside of the bulb. LED bulb has a cooling fan behind that is about 1 1/2 inches long. You want to make sure that you have some space behind.

  • What does it mean it comes with 2 more filters? 6500K and 8000K? i am looking for fog light to match my recently purchased white vision 5000K gen2 LED look, and wondered if these will work, but i do not want the 3000K. i see it says you've tried on a few german cars, will it not cause an error for a Mercedes? SL55?

    Sorry for any confusion. 
    The LED kit comes with 4 additional filtering films to change colors from 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 6000K, and 8000K. 
    If you want to change from 3000K to 6000K (let's say), you can simply peel off the 3000K yellow film off of the glass tube and apply 6000K film. 

  • I have a couple of questions regarding the color filters on these lights: 1) Can the filters be reinstalled after they are removed, or are they one-time use only? If one-time use only, are spare filters available for purchase? 2) I want to try to match the color output of my 5000k rated HID low beam bulbs, but I see that the closest available color filters included with the kit are rated 4300K and 6000K. If I run the lights with no filters, will I get close to 5000k color?

    1. If you can put the removed filtering film on glossy surface such as plastic case, etc... to store, you should be able to re-use it. 
    However, keep in mind that stickiness of film may get weaker ove time as dust, dirt may land on it. 

    2. HID and LED lights have different lighting technolgies with different lighting color tones. With that being said, 5000K HID is not same as 5000K LED lights. Therefore, you can only get closer match between LED and HID.