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Products Description

9005/HB3: DAMA Kanji HID Xenon Conversion Kit DMK-DA-9005-6K (Pack of 2)

Introducing DAMA Kanji HID/Xenon Conversion light system with 35W.
DAMA HID conversion kit is made of the highest quality materials in the market. With its slim ballasts and a smart chip that enables a faster start, uncompromising stability, and a longer lifespan, the DAMA Kanji HID/Xenon Conversion kit surpasses any other conversion kits in the market. This is a true, "Plug & Play" conversion kit that is compatible with a wide range of vehicles that eliminates any error message. Included with the kit is a pair of 6000K DAMA bulbs or you have an option to customize the bulbs by selecting different bulbs from the drop-down menu.

drop down menu from

Please note that a vehicle that uses the main driving lights as daytime running lights at lower wattage is not suitable to install any HID kits including this DAMA HID kit.

DAMA kit cannot be compared to some cheap, $30 kit you may find on eBay or Amazon. We are so sure that you'd be satisfied that we offer a hassle-free, 2-year warranty on DAMA HID KIT against any manufacturer's defect!

Volkswagen GTI with DAMA Kanji HID Conversion Kit installed
Night time street view of DAMA Kanji HID Conversion bulbs on GTI
DAMA Kanji HID Conversion Kit light test against wall

Note about the Bulb Selections
BLESK: Made in Korea. 4300K bulb is DOT compliant (Department of Transportation) 
PHILIPS OEM: Genuine Philips 4300K D2S & D2R bulbs that are rebased for the kit.
For reflector type headlamp (Non-projector), select use the "R" type.

Why DAMA kit?
HID CONCEPT has been around since 2001 with quality and customer satisfaction being our #1 priority. We only offer products that meet our highest standards after going through a hardcore testing process, which includes 30 days of a non-stop lighting survival test. We only offer products that we would use on our own vehicles. With true 2-year warranty coverage by HID CONCEPT, you can enjoy using our product with a piece of mind.

How does DAMA differ from a $30 kit off of eBay or Amazon?
So many customers going with a lower-cost solution with the false advertisement of the lifetime warranty. When unexpected premature light failure happens, the vendor who claimed to offer a lifetime warranty may no longer be in business. With that being said, it is important to buy from a reputable company. HID CONCEPT is a US-based company, who built a reputation through years of history. Although our products may cost more than unknown sources, you are getting more added value including live tech support and a true warranty program.

Are you NOT sure if this kit works for your car?
You are absolutely welcome to contact us.
Still NOT sure? We can be also reached at 888-579-5917 during our normal business hours, or you can always email us at INFO@HIDCONCEPT.COM

HID Concept has been leading the automotive lighting industry since 2001. Located in the center of the United States, Chicago, IL, we specialize in a wide range of high-quality OEM and aftermarket automotive lighting parts and accessories. HID Concept also has been the one-stop source for the brand names like Philips, Osram, Blesk, Valeo, Hella, Harrison Toshiba, Denso, and Matsushita. In 2017, we boldly launched our own brand, "DAMA." Dama line has both LED and HID bulbs and has been the hottest seller in the market.

Our goal is simple – Provide automotive bulbs and accessories to our customers with the best price and fast service. With the knowledge and experiences we've earned from our business, we sort out the best quality products that we feel confident in offering to our customers. Frankly, we love the lights. We are constantly tinkering and researching to improve the products and services to our customers. We don't play around with our price. The price you see on our website is the best price anywhere- Period.

Customer satisfaction always has been our #1 priority. In order for us to strive for this effort, we always appreciate valuable feedback from our customers.

If you have any questions, please contact us at:
INFO@HIDCONCEPT.COM or 1-888-579-5917

Lamp Size 9005 / HB3
Base P20d
Color temperature (K) 6000 K
Lumens 3200 ±450 lm
Technology Xenon
ECE approval Yes
Voltage 85 V
wattage 35 W
Input Power 9 - 16V
33115-S84-A01, 33103-SL5-A02, 33115-S84-A11, 33115-SH3-A01, 33115-SV4-A01, 33115-SV4-A10, 33115-TA0-A01, 33116-SH3-A01AH, 63-21-7-160-785, 63-12-1-382-495, 9N7Z-13N021-A, 33115-S84-A01, 26296-9B90D, 26296-60U01, 26296-7S000, 26296-89905, 26296-89906, 26296-89912, 26296-89917, 26296-89920, 26296-89923, 26296-9B900, 26296-9B90A, 99990-H9005, XR812421, 18647 65009H, 0000-11-9005, 9070-37-650, 9970-37-650, AB009005, 90981-13046, 90080-81041, SU003-02570, 84920pa000, 09471-12151, 989834

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Customer Reviews

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Questions & Answers

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  • I heard some good things about Dama bulbs, but my car has the halogen bulbs. Can I put Dama HID/Xenon System in my car? I have 2011 Toyota Camry

    We are glad that you heard good things about DAMA. This product you asked should fit 2011 Toyota Camry.

  • Hello. I have a Sportage 2017 with headlights HB3 projector can I use this kit? Do I need a canbus box? Another thing, sing a kit with emramesulation of osram 6000k?

    Not sure what you mean by "emramesulation," but if you're asking if DAMA bulb has a similar kelvin rating as 6000K, the default DAMA bulb is 6000K.
    Assuming that you have the halogen headlight assembly, 9005/HB3 is the correct size for the 2017 Kia Sportage. 
    It is difficult to know if you'd need a CANbus for your vehicle. The car manufacturers do not have any guidelines for the aftermarket products.