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H8/H11/H16: Philips 6500K X-treme Ultinon LED Fog Light Bulbs 12794UNIX2 (Pack of 2)


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H8/H11/H16: Philips 6500K X-treme Ultinon LED Fog Light Bulbs 12794UNIX2 (Pack of 2)

The Best Automotive lighting technology

Are you looking for an X-treme upgrade?

Philips 6500K X-treme Ultinon LED fog light bulbs can be used as a direct (plug and play) replacement bulb if you currently use H8, H11, or H16 Halogen light bulbs on your Foglight.
Philips X-treme Ultinon LED light bulbs offer intense bright pure white color with up to 45% more light (2400 lm).  On top of that, unlike your stock standard Halogen light bulbs, Philips LED lasts longer (estimated 12 years of lifespan) than most vehicles, thanks to Philips AirFlux optimal thermal technology.  Now it is the perfect time to color match your fog light to your HID or LED Headlights without any modification involved.

Light Emitting Diode (LED)

LED technology is the latest Trends in the Automotive lighting industry. 
Due to its high efficiency and styling freedom, most automakers are now switching to LEDs with their newer models to make their brand stand out with their own characteristics.

DISCLAIMER: Depends on the model, Make & Year, your vehicle may trigger an error message and/or a hyper flash. In case this happens, please install the CANBUS to eliminate the error.

HID Concept has been leading the automotive lighting industry since 2001. Located in the center of the United States, Chicago, IL, we specialize in a wide range of high-quality OEM and aftermarket automotive lighting parts and accessories. HID Concept also has been the one-stop source for the brand names like Philips, Osram, Blesk, Valeo, Hella, Harrison Toshiba, Denso, and Matsushita. In 2017, we boldly launched our own brand, "DAMA." Dama line has both the LED and HID bulbs and has been the hottest seller in the market.

Our goal is simple – Provide automotive bulbs and accessories to our customers with the best price and fast service. With the knowledge and experiences we've earned from our business, we sort out the best quality products that we feel confident in offering to our customers. Frankly, we love the lights. We are constantly tinkering and researching to improve the products and services to our customers. We don't play around with our price. The price you see on our website is the best price anywhere- Period

Customer satisfaction always has been our #1 priority. In order for us to strive for this effort, we always appreciate valuable feedback from our customers.

If you have any questions, please contact us at:
INFO@HIDCONCEPT.COM or 1-888-579-5917


    Technical Specs
    Lamp Size H8 H11 H16
    Color Temperature (Kelvin) 6500K
    Voltage 12 V
    Wattage 9.3 W
    Manufacturer part number (MPN) 12794UNIX2


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    Customer Reviews

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    Questions & Answers

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    • Hi , Are these bulbs fit in head light of toyota sienna 2012 ?

      Yes, this is compatible with your foglights. 
      For low beam, you might want to go with DAMA KLV H11 bulbs, which produces sufficient amount of light output for main driving lights.

    • Will these fit 2004 honda civic ex? Thank you,

      No, you need 9006 type for low beam. 
      Check out DAMA KLV 9006 bulbs here.

    • I have a 2015 Toyota Camry se. these state that they are for fog lights but also state they can be used as H11 for low beams. Can I also use these as low beams?

      These Philips LED lights are for fog only because its brightness is not sufficient enough to be used for main driving lights/low beam. 
      For low beam, DAMA KLV H11 LED's would be good with up to 8,000 lumens.

    • How will the light output do in a factory halogen projector ? Also will it throw any error codes or flicker in a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee

      This is for fog lights and does not produce sufficient light output to be used as main driving lights. 
      We suggest checking out our DAMA LED lights for main driving lights. 
      Light output is very good when it's used on projector type headlamps.

    • Will these fit 2017 chevy suburban? My low beam are also my drl. Thanks.

      It would fit on low beam that uses H11 bulbs (if came with halogen lights), but these Philips LED's are made for fog light use, which would not be bright enough for main driving lights. You might want to check out DAMA LED's for main driving lights to get sufficient light output.

    • gd morning ..i have audi a4 ..i use d3s 6000k white of philips that fog light 6500k has same color ?!!

      Unfortunately, it's impossible to match colors between LED and HID since they use completely different lighting technologies. 
      However, 6000K HID would be closer match to LED lights. 

    • Do this fog light match with any d4s headlight bulb and do they fit lexus gs 2015 ? Or do you have any led h16 to match with dama d4s 5000k ?

      Technologies used for LED and HID, are completely different and having perfectly matching color would not be possible but you can only get closer match. 
      DAMA D4S would give close match based on what we have seen. 

    • What's the difference between the X-treme Ultinion LED fog light and the X-tremeVision LED fog light?

      They are actually the same ones but just called 'slightly' differently. 

    • do they fit a 2017 honda accord sport low beam

      Philips 12794UNIX2 is recommended for fog lamps. According to the fitment guide, 2017 Honda Accord Sport does not have fog lamps.

    • Hi, Will these fit a Toyota Highlander 2012? Also I want to change all headlight s to LED, what do I need? regards,

      PHILIPS H11 LED's are for fog lights. Its light output is not sufficient enough to be used for main driving lights. 
      We suggest using our DAMA KFV LED's for low and fogs. 

    • Do these bulbs fit in Volvo 2014 XC 60

      These are only for fog light use.

    • Will it fit a Honda Accord 2014 Ex-l?

      Yes, they are right ones for your Fogs.

    • 2016 Audi Q3 All weather lights. Front light. Will this trip any error on dash board?

      According to our fitment info, 2016 Q3 comes with either HID or LED option. 
      Did it come with H11 type bulb on your vehicle? If so, it can be used but this LED light is intended for Fog lights.

    • Will these fit my Scion FR-S spec d fog lights?

      If you could provide us the year, we can check compatibility for you.

    • Will these led lights fit the fog lights for my 2018 Porsche macan.

      It's been confirmed to work flawlessly most of time but you may need to use this decoder set, to avoid any chance of flickering.

    • Will they fit on VW Atlas 2019, fog lights?

      Yes, it fits on 2019 Atlas' fog lights that use H8 type bulbs. 
      You need to use decoers though.
      For any further questions, please contact us at

    • Will these bulbs fit in my 2018 Porsche Macan fog lights.

      Since the fog light size for the 2018 Porsche Macan is H11, this product will work. Also, for the European model cars, we recommend installing the LED bulb with the LED decoder to eliminate any error message on the dashboard.

      Wire Harness: HCX H11 LED Bulb Decoder Error Canceller CNT-LED-DCD-H11-X2 (Pack of 2)

      For any other questions, please write to

    • I bought 2 kits of leds from a different website and different brand for my lowbeams and fog lights and neither fit. Right bulb size but the whole assembly of the light did not fit into the compartment of the lowbeam. It was way too big. And the connectors for the fog light did not match up. I have a 2017 Ford Fusion SE

      So, I understand that you ordered two sets of these LED's from elsewhere and they did not fit. 
      Did you have any question for us? 

    • Will these fit OEM fog lights on a Gen 2 (2016-2018) Chevy Cruse?

      Did you mean Chevy Cruze? If so, yes it is compatible with Chevy Cruze 2016 - 2018 on fog lights. 

    • 2016 Ford Focus St Fog light replacement?

      Application chart shows that you need H8 size for 2016 Ford Focus fog lights. 

    • Are these bulbs canbus compatible, or is there something extra needed to prevent a bulb out light to show on my dash in my 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee? Thank you.

      These are generally not made with CANBUS feature but you can use this set with error canceller wire harness, which we offer as well to make it error-free. 

    • Hello, My question is, which Philips X-treme LEDs are these? The discription claims they are the X-treme Vision LEDs 6000K. However, in the product discription, it claims they are Philips X-treme Ultinon 6000K. Two entirely different lights. If you could clarify this would be great. Thank you.

      The ones we have state 'X-tremeVision' on packaging, which is distributed & released by Philips Automotive Lighitng NA. 
      As far as we are aware of, both X-tremeVision and Ultinon actually are the same product with slight packaging contents. 
      If you have any other question(s), please contact us. 

    • Toyota Camry head lights bulbs. H11.

      It's meant to be used for foglights, not for main driving lights. 

    • have H11 in my low beam headlamps. are these useful as headlamps?

      These are made for foglight use but it does not produce sufficient light output to be used as main driving light. 
      We have DAMA LED lights that you can use for main driving lights though. 

    • Does this fit a 2017 Nissan Titan S model

      Yes, it fits on 2017 issan Titan's Foglights. 

    • fit ford fusion se 2017

      Yes, it is compatible with your fog lights. 
      For low beam, these Philips LED's do not provide sufficient light output for main driving lights. 
      You mignht want to check out our DAMA LED's.

    • Will these fit 2014 tundra fog lights

      Yes, it would work on your 2014 Tundra fog lights that are H16.