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Philips Standard OE 4300K vs Philips White Vision 5000K

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Philips Standard OE 4300K vs Philips White Vision 5000K

Philips: 100 years of Automotive lighting

Philips produced their first automotive light bulb in 1914 and still aim for the same – innovator of the automotive lighting industry. As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Philips offers the best quality available on the market. By moving forward and constantly innovating, Philips helps us to make our future ever brighter.

Definition of OEM

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

Car makers do not produce the lamps (and other parts). The actual lamp itself is manufactured by either PHILIPS and OSRAM. Most vehicles normally come with 4300K which is yellowish white color.

OEM parts are generally known as the highest quality but also the most expensive parts you can find as a replacement. Auto makers (or your service coordinator from your dealership) always recommend you to go with OE parts because not only is it the only part they carry but also you have a higher risk of damaging your entire headlight housing with non-OEM parts. It is true that uneven electric current (caused by low quality bulb) may produce a higher temperature than usual which will shorten the lifespan of other parts nearby.

More importantly, PHILIPS and OSRAM are working directly with the manufacturers, meaning it is designed exclusively to work with your vehicle (your headlamp housing or your projectors) for the best lighting output. Even if you installed a better (or more expensive) light bulbs, you may not get the result you expected with non-OEM parts.

Difference between OEM vs WHV

Philips WHV (White Vision)

So, your vehicle comes with Philips 4300K, but do you like it?

Some drivers don’t mind the color as long as they do the job, illuminating the road. However, we live in a world where headlights are more than just to light up the street.  Best part of having Xenon light system is that you can upgrade easily by simply replacing your old HID bulbs to Philips White Vision 5000K.

Philips White Vision GEN 2 HID bulbs offer up to 5000K, which is clear white (after BREAK-IN) color, with up to 120% more lighting output compare to OEM bulbs (FYI, for most HID Xenon bulbs, visibility decreases as their color gets whiter/bluer).

Comparison video between OEM 4300K vs WHV 5000K


Philips OEM 4300K HID bulbs offer the best quality as we know.  However, if you still want to upgrade to the next level, Philips White vision GEN 2 might be the one that we've been waiting for.  

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